Ganesh Pancharatnam by Adi Shankara

Five Cantos on Ganesh

I bow to Ganesh, Who gladdens by the happiness in His hands, Who is always a source of salvation, Who enthralls happiness in shining worlds, Who is without a leader and is the leader of everyone, Who destroyed the elephant like demons, Who destroys the bad forces very quickly, and Who is known as Vinayak.||1||

I bow to Ganesh, Who is fear-causing in both who bow or not, Who is resplendent like the morning sun, Who is being prayed by enemy of demi-gods, Who is timeless, Who provides salvation to footless but heavily bowed, Who is the Lord of demi-gods, reserves, elephants and the Gana of Shiv, Who is the great God, Who has the whole world and beyond under His support, and Who is eternal.||2||

I bow to Ganesh, Who is the bliss-form for the whole world, Who defeated the best among demons, Who has a low navel in the belly, Who has a face like that of best elephant, Who is imperishable, Who is the abode of mercy, forgiveness, happiness, glory and mind; I am bowing to Ganesh, Who is resplendent.||3||

I praise Ganesh, Who removes the pains of destitute, Who has been entitled to voice (eulogies) since long, Who is the dear son of Purari (Shiv), Who crushed the pride of demons, Who destroys the immense copiousness, Who is the adornment of Dhananjay, Who has rut-fluid flowing at cheeks, and Who is the elephant talked in Purana.||4||

I meditate forever on that Ganesh, Who has excessively resplendent elephant tusk, Who is the son of the destroyer of Antaka (Shiv), Who cannot be fixed or decided by thoughts, Who has no end, Who continuously exists inside the heart of Yogis, and Who has one tusk.¹||5||

That person, who sings these five cantos on Ganesh, every morning with respect, while remembering Ganesh in heart, advances and achieves well-being, infallibility, good friends, nice son, long-life, and all the eight prosperities for a long period of time.||6||


¹ antaraaya + k.rntana.m is not clear in meaning to the translator.

Poet: Adi Shankara


© Stutimandal 2006, Mar 24.