Thoughts of Yashoda

Yashoda swings Krishna in the baby swing and thinks, ‘I am emotionally submitted to You, the one Who bestows bliss.’||1||

Yashomati (Yashoda) thinks about her past blissful deeds and then gazes at the beautiful body of her son Krishna.||2||

Krishna moves His body and smiles. Who will know the simile or metaphor for this image of Krishna? [No is implicit].||3||

While swaying Krishna in the baby swing, Yashoda addresses as ‘Dear one!’ The playful sports of Krishna as a child are immense.||4||

Yashoda is pleased after watching the face of the child. The Lord of Soordas (baby Krishna) is no one else but Vishnu, Who holds the Shaarnga-bow.||5||


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Poet: Soordas

Source: Sri Krishna Baal Madhuri — Gitapress

© Stutimandal 2006, Mar 24.