Krishna tied by Mortar

Krishna Tied to Mortar

[Yashoda says] I have tied You (Krishna) now and I will see who sets Him free. Yashoda said, ‘You have bothered me a lot,’ and tied the hand of Krishna to a wooden-mortar.||1||

Krishna got Himself tied up because Mother Yashoda was very angry. He saw Yashoda and started weeping. The milkmaids of Vraj came running when they heard about the punishment of Krishna at the hands of Yashoda. They all pleaded Yashoda to leave Krishna (even though the punishment was due to their complain).||2||

After tying Krishna to the wooden-mortar, Yashoda started to break a small tree-branch, as a stick, to beat Krishna. Seeing the stick, the milkmaids felt repentance, and turned their face in different directions to avoid the scene.||3||

[Gopis said] ‘O Yashoda! Don't be so angry (literally, don't do like this). You have tied your son for a small amount of butter and curd.’ Then they thought, ‘We have created this atrocity for the Krishna of Soordas. We did wrong’.||4||

Poet: Surdas

Source: Sri Krishna Baal Madhuri — Gitapress

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