Ahilya from Ramcharitmanas -

Eulogy by Ahilya¹

After the blissful and grief-destroying foot of Ram touched the stone, Ahilya, who was resplendent with penance, appeared. Having seen the Lord of Raghu (Ram), Who showers happiness on people, she stood in front of Him with hands-together.||1||

She was eager due to (divine) love, her body was quivering, and She spoke (overcoming emotions) in a moment of speechlessness. She was immensely blessed who got to touch the lotus-feet of Lord, and tears rolled off her eyes in that state.||2||

She got patient (with her emotions), understood the presence of Lord, and attained devotion by the grace of the Lord of Raghu (Ram). With clear and pure voice, she decided to praise Ram. [She spoke] ‘Be victorious! O Lord of Raghu, Who is achieved by knowledge!’||3||

‘I am an imperfect woman, and You are beyond the worlds. You are the enemy of Ravana and You will restore happiness of people. O Lotus-eyed! O Destroyer of the fear of rebirth! I am coming in Your refuge. Protect me. Protect me.’||4||

‘That sage cursed me and turned me into a stone, I consider that as my fortune and beneficial for I got to see Hari, the destroyer of the cycle of rebirth, in front of my eyes. Shankar considers this as the advantage of my curse and penance.’||5||

‘O Lord! This is my request. I am not very wise, but still, O Lord! I don't want a boon. I just wish that my bumble-bee-like mind, which is desirous of divine affection, suckles the nectar of your lotus-feet.’||6||

‘Those feet from which Ganga (Sursarita), the purest river, appears and then descends on the head of Shiv, that same lotus-feet, which are reverred by Aj (Brahma), were placed on my head by merciful Hari.’||7||

The consort of Gautam left for the liberated world after falling again and again on the feet of Hari. She got the boon which is supreme and pleasing, and then she left for the world of Lord (Vaikuntha).||8||


¹ Ahilya was the consort of Sage Gautam. She was made by Brahma and was surreal beautiful. Indra, the king of natural forces, had lecherous dreams about her. Once sun and moon assisted Indra in confusing Gautam that it is morning (while it was night). While Gautam was away for morning ablutions, Indra, disguised as Gautam, approached Ahilya and proposed sexual desires in front of her. By her penance powers, Ahilya realized that it is Indra himself who came down for her. Filled with pride, she got subdued by the lust. Finally, Gautam, on return, caught them and cursed. He cursed Ahilya to become a stone for an indefinite period of time.

Poet: Gosvami Tulsidas

Source: Shrimad Ramcharitmanas

© Stutimandal 2006, Mar 24.