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Shiv Aarti | Siva Aarti | Maha Shiv Ratri Mahashivratri 2008


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Śiva Āratī

Felicity of Sāmba, Who is Śaṅkara, Who is supreme, Who is true, Who is eternal, Who is bliss, and Who causes auspicion.[1]

Felicity of Śaṅkara, Who is the beginning, Who is without a beginning, Who is infinite, Who is without desire, Who is unborn, Who is indestructible, Who is beyond art, Who is full of art, Who is without everything, Who resides in everyones heart, Who holds Surasaritā (Gaṅgā) on forehead, and Who has moon at the crest.[2]

Felicity of Śaṅkara, Who is the creator, Who is the nourisher, Who destroys the world, Who takes the forms of Brahmā, Viṣṇu and Rudra (for the previous three tasks), Who takes all the forms but Who is formless, Who is away from everyone, Who nourishes the world, and Who causes deluge.[3]

Felicity of Śaṅkara, Who is beyond the world, Who is gone beyond the world, Who is the ruler, Who kills desire and Who causes desire in the world, Who is faultless, and Who absolves every fault.[4]

Felicity of Śaṅkara, Who captures the mind of sages, Who is sweet, Who is pure, Who is handsome, Whose form causes immense desire, Who is the consort of extremely beautiful Pārvatī, Who has divine apparel, Who wears gems and jewels, Who captures the mind and eyes of everyone, and Who causes bliss.[5]

Felicity of Śaṅkara, Who is dreadful,1 Who is frightening, Who has five-heads, Who has skull-garland, Who bears poison, Who causes fear, Who has skull in hand, Who roams in cremation ground, Whose appearance seems inauspicious, and Who causes every auspicion.[6]

Felicity of Śaṅkara, Who consumes, Who is a Yogī, Who meditates, Who knows everything, Who is the basis of worldly ego, Who is without ego, Who is easily pleased, Who gives generously, Who absolves the bad state of meek, and Who absolves from metempsychosis.[7]


1 These adjectives are in contrast with Verse 5, where Śiva is portrayed as extremely handsome.


Book: Śivacālisā

Translator: Animesh Kumar

Submitter: Animesh Kumar


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