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Devi Apradh Kshama Stotram | Shankaracharya | Durga Saptashati


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Oh! I don’t know the mantra, the yantra, or the eulogies. I don’t even know how to invoke You, how to meditate on You, and even the speech behind Your eulogies. I don’t know Your mudrā, and I don’t know how to wail. [But] O Mother! I know that following You absolves the biggest distresses.[1]

O Mother! The offerings -- which were due to the lack of methodical knowledge, which were by the lack of resources, which were by indolence, and which were due to the lack of devotion -- were fallen [by me] on Your dual-feet. Forgive all those mistakes. O Śivā, Who absolves everyone! Because a son can become bad or ignorant about his duties as an offspring, but the Mother always remains virtuous.[2]

O Mother! There are many sons of Yours on this earth and they are gentle. Amidst them, I am Your son, who is extremely libidinous. I have the feelings of possession, and I have no compassion within me. But I am Yours, O Śivā! A son can become bad or ignorant about his duties as an offspring, but the Mother always remains virtuous.[3]

O Mother! O Mother of the world! Your feet has not been engaged upon [by me] and, even more so, Your feet has not been submitted with offerings by me. Even then, You shower immaculate benevolence on me. Because a son can become bad or ignorant about his duties as an offspring, but the Mother always remains virtuous.[4]

At an age of more than eighty-five years, by me, who lacks the prowess to perform various rituals, other demi-gods have been left along. O Mother of Lambodara (Pārvatī)! Now, in this situation, if Your benevolence does not happens on me, then, I, the unsupported one, will take whose refuge?[5]

O Aparṇā! A dog-eater (Cāṇḍāla) becomes a talkative person with honey-like sweet words coming out from the tongue; and a poor man roams fearlessly for long time in golden riches, when the chants of Your name fall [seat] inside the ear of anyone. O Mother! Then, in that case, who can know the achievements due to continuous chants of Your name based on the appropriate procedure?[6]

Kapālī, Who is smeared with ashes from the burnt corpse, Who has the directions as clothes, Who has thick matted hair, Who has a snake-king garland in neck, Who is known as Paśupati, and Who is the ruler of ghosts, attains the position of poison-destroyer and Lord of the world. O Bhavani! This is just a result of addition of You as His consort.[7]

I don’t have the desire to attain Mokṣa; I don’ have the desire to attain luxuries and resplendence in the world. O Goddess, Who has moon-like face! I don’t have knowledge expectations, and I don’t even desire for luxuries and comfort. O Mother! Thus, I beg You, that whenever I am born, give me the memory of these names to me -- Mṛḍānī, Rudrāṇī, Śivā, Bhavānī.[8]

O Śyāmā! You are not revered by me, using accurate methods or procedures. I didn’t do anything beyond the approximate thinking and speech. O Mother! But even then, if You keep the destitute and orphan me in benevolence, then it suits You; since You indeed are beyond everything.[9]

O Durgā, Who is the abode of ocean of mercy! When I remember You in troublesome situations, don’t think it is stupidity. It is because when a child is unhappy, the child only remembers the Mother.[10]

O Mother of the world! You are full of benevolence for me; [but] what is the surprise in this? [Because] Even when a son is full of faults, the Mother does not ignores or disowns the child.[11]

O Mahādevī! There is no fallen one like me, and there is indeed no absolver of sins like You. Knowing this, do what You think is appropriate.[12]


Poet: Śaṅkarācārya

Book: Durgā Saptaśatī

Translator: Animesh Kumar

Submitter: Animesh Kumar


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