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Sarasvati Prarthana | Shankaracharya Sarasvatii Praarthana


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Salutations to You, O Śāradā, Who is noble, and Who resides in Kāśmīra! I request You incessantly and may You give knowledge to me. That (Śāradā) is devotion, memory, intelligence, and Goddess of speech. She is dear to Brahmā, She resides on the tip of devotee’s tongue, and She bestows qualities like restraint, power and perseverance.[1—2]

I salute Bhavānī, Who is Yāminī (restraint or forebearance), Who has hair braids decorated by the best streaks, and Who is the river of nectar that annihilates the metempsychosis sorrow. Incessant salutations to Bhadrakālī, and also continuous salutations to the Sarasvatī present for places like Veda, Vedāṅga, Vedānta, and knowledge.[3—4].

Salutations for that Vāṇī, Who is Brahman, Who is supreme, Who is the blissful light, Who is eternal, Who is the Goddess of all the knowledge. Salutations for that Sarasvatī, without Whom the whole world becomes dead from eternal and alive, and Who is the Goddess of knowledge.[5—6]

Salutations for that Vāṇī, without Whom the whole world is mute and possessed of madness, and Who is the ruling Goddess of speech.[7]


Poet: Śaṅkarācārya

Translator: Animesh Kumar

Submitter: Animesh Kumar


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