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Sarasvati Namostu Te by Dikshitar Muttusvami Guruguha


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Sarasvatī Namo’stu Te

Pallavī: O Sarasvatī, Who bestows boons, Who is beyond the demi-gods, Who is saluted by the consort of Lakṣmī, the consort of Gaurī and Guruguha (the poet), and Who is the consort of Brahmā! Salutations to You.[1]

Caraṇa: O Sarasvati, Who is felt in the hearts of sages who have overcome the three types desires, Who is renowned for bestowing many timeless boons to Indra (Vāsava) and others, Who has a smile on lotus face, Who has a splendid lotus-feet, Who destroys the fear of mundane existence, and Who is the secret house of all the chants! Salutations to You.[1]


Poet: Muttusvāmī Dīkṣitar

Translator: Animesh Kumar

Submitter: Animesh Kumar


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