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Raam Stuti | Ram Stuti by Yamraj | Bhusundi Ramayana


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O Śrīrāma! My birth is now successful by the fortune of Your appearance in front of me. Oh! O Rāma, Who is abode of compassion! I am greatly indebted by You right now. Today is the immeasurable lucky day of me and the dwellers of ghostly-world. O Prabhu! I have become deeply satisfied, with my family, by the compassion due to You.[1—2]

I salute You, Rāma, Who is adorned by a yellow robe having same color as the filamet of a lotus, Who is Himself the consort of Lakṣmī, and Who is the ocean of compassion. The three worlds, with happiness due to You two (Rāma and Lakṣmaṇa), continuously sings about Your — Who are adored by the world and Who are brave — qualities.[3—4]

O Rāma, Who has lotus eyes! I know that You two are the best among men. You two, adorned with Lakṣmī and beyond everything, have taken an incarnation in the lineage of Sun.[5]

He is Śeṣa, Who is the cause of the three Veda, Who holds the world as Your own partial incarnation. He (as Śeṣa) has thousand resplendent heads with which the hood-group is shining and making His body gloss with the light from the hood-jewels.[6]

You are Rāmacandra, Who is the consort of Kamalā (Lakṣmī), Who dwells eternal in Sāketaloka, Who has the complexion of a new blue cloud, Who has an appearance made resplendent by shiny yellow apparel, Who carries a bow, and Who is beyond the Cupid’s beauty.[7]

O Acyuta! Standing on the front of their flying vehicles, the demi-gods sing Your glorious exploits which are enticing since their conception. Those who are emotionally excited, who are filled completely with happiness and bliss, and who are full of devotion for You, sing Your victories.[8—9]

O Lord! The reduction of weight of earth has been started by You in which Tāṭakā and Subāhu have (already) been destroyed by You. And O Lord! You will absolve Rāvaṇa and His army. Knowing this, the demi-gods are moving towards immense happiness.[10—11]

Having uttered this eulogy, the possessor of Soma juice, Yama, led the adorned by Śrī and lion-like warrior pair of Rāma and Lakṣmaṇa to the abode.[12]


Poet: Yamarāja

Book: Bhuśuṇḍirāmāyaṇa

Translator: Animesh Kumar

Submitter: Animesh Kumar


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