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Rukmini Haran - Rukmini Sandesh to Krishna - Bhagavat Purana


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O Acyuta, Who is the most handsome One! Having heard Your qualities, which enter through the path of ears and absolve away the pains of life, and having heard about Your handsome appearance, which is the only asset of the eyes of living beings with eyes, my heart is accepting You as a consort leaving behind shyness.[1]

O Mukunda, Who is the lion (best) among men! Given a chance, which composed girl from a good lineage will not wish for You as a consort; You, Who is the happiness of the minds of people, Who is the happiness of the world, and Who is incomparable from any viewpoint — be it lineage, nature, beauty, knowledge, energy, wealth, or abode.[2]

Therefore, O Lord! I have indeed accepted You as a consort and I have submitted myself to You. O lotus-eyed Kṛṣṇa! Please arrive here [and accept me]; so that the prince of Cedī (Śiśupāla) does not takes away the property of the brave You — just like a jackal should not take away the prey of a lion.[3]

If I have revered the all pervading Paramātman by social welfares (digging wells), oblations, obeying rules, penance, and serving demi-gods, saints, and preceptor, then O Gadāgraja (Kṛṣṇa)! May You accept me after holding my hand — instead of anyone else like the son of Damaghoṣa (Śiśupāla).[4]

O Lord, Who is unconquered! Arrive secretly in Vidarbha one day before my marriage. Then after defeating all the army-commanders from the regions of Cedī and Magadha (Śiśupāla and Jarāsandha), marry me by the ways of demons (piśāca) by showing Your valor and conquering power.[5]

If You are wondering that how will you conquer me without killing the women and relatives inside my palace, then I am telling You a trick. As per an old tradition, there is a grand fair before the marriage, during which the bride goes out to the temple of Girijā for prayers.[6]

O lotus-eyed Kṛṣṇa! If I don’t achieve the dust of Your feet, which is sought after by incomparable Ones like Umāpati Śiva, then I will destroy my life. If the service of Your feet is not achieved in this life, then I will take hundreds of birth and do penance; I am sure I will achieve Your lotus feet eventually.[7]


1 Rukmiṇī sent this letter to Kṛṣṇa. It is a beautiful song in which love for the divine is evident. The letter was carried by a trusted Brāhmaṇadevatā. The eulogy appears in tenth-shoulder and fifty-second chapter of the Śrīmadbhāgavatapurāṇa.


Poet: Śukadeva

Book: Śrīmadbhāgavatapurāṇa

Translator: Animesh Kumar

Submitter: Animesh Kumar


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