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Ramayan Ashtakam Ramayana Ashtakam | Animesh | Ramnavmi 2008


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I adore Rāma, Who is the abode of existence, Who bestows everything, Who is desireless, Who is the comfort of the world, Who is the lotus-garland adorned abode of Śrī in Kṣīrasāgara, Who is the comfort of the houses, Who starts the world, its absence, darkness, light and waves by playing with Māyā, Who reclines on a snake, Who is the pillar of universe, and Who starts the world.[1]

I adore Rāma, Who was the conqueror requested by demi-gods, kinnara, Nāga, celestial bards and Yakṣa, Who was born in the home of Kausalyā, Who was named Rāma, Who enticed Ayodhyā, Who is a giver, Who — having held the weapons from Kauśika (Viśvāmitra) — is the killer of yajña-destroying demons, Who is blissful, Who is the noble One removing Ahilyā from curse, and Who nourishes.[2]

I adore Rāma, Who broke the power-shaped bow, Who gladdened Janaka, Who has lightening like shine, Who happened to be the consort of beauty-marked Vaidehī, Who emanicipated Paraśurāma (Bhārgava), Who was sent out by Daśaratha (husband of Kaikeyī), Who went to forest with Vaidehī and younger brother Lakṣmaṇa, Who is the friend of Bhāradvāja, and Who wins over the mind.[3]

I adore decorated Rāma in old loin, Who ruled over Sītā and Lakṣmaṇa in the forests beside Godāvarī, Who made thatched hut as home, Who was revered by seers, siddha and sages among others, Who is the abode of universe, Who was adored by Bharata (in Pañcavaṭī), Who affected the army of Dūṣaṇa and Shūrpanakhā, and Who has the shine of dark cloud.[4]

I adore Rāma of Hanumān, Who fell down while seeing a hut without Sītā, Who saw garland and jewels (of Sītā) on ground, Who got emotionally tender due to grief and separation, Who feigns sport, Who got angry over the world while emotionally tender due to pentient speaking, Who did research for abducted wife in gardens and forests, and Who took away the disrespect of Sugrīva (child of the Sun).[5]

I adore the battlefield Rāma, Who reduced Laṅkā to ashes by making Hanumān as a messenger, Who is patient, Who finished the (loneliness) troubles of Sītā, Who took charge of groups of monkey-army, Who is brave, Who is Śaiva, Who satisfied Śaṅkara, Who inflicted pain to the Ocean, Who tamed the Ocean with a stone-bridge, Who was angry on Rāvaṇa, and Who entered the city of Laṅkā.[6]

I adore Rāma, Who protected the younger brother of Rāvaṇa (i.e., Vibhīṣaṇa), Who is against the vile, Who protects righteousness and mercy, Who is skilful in uprooting the demons of Laṅkā and Rāvaṇa, Who is on the side of righteousness and mercy, Who is adorned by Sītā, Lakṣmaṇa, Sugrīva, Aṅgada and other friends (after the war), Who is the lion of the lineage of Raghu, Who is a king of Sūryakula, and Who is known as the Lord of the world.[7]

I adore Hari known as Rāma, Who is indeed achieved by knowledge paths, by emotional devotees, by groups of Yogī, among others, Who is present in everything in the universe, within the array of smallest to largest, Who roams with Sītā, Whose Pādukā-dust is a great luck, Who is propounded by Veda, and Who taught Vedānta.[8]


Poet: Animeṣa

Book: Stutimaṇḍalasaṅkalana

Translator: Animesh Kumar

Submitter: Animesh Kumar


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