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Parvati Stotram / Parvati Stuti by Animesh at Stutimandal


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I take support of that Pārvatī, Who gets situated on the lap, left-side or corpse of Śiva by Her wish, Who is power, Who is blissful, and Who is the Supreme Goddess. I take support Śivā, Who is divine Mother, Who is the mother for the child-like existence, Who is the world’s Soul, Who is the consort of Śiva, and Who rules over the houses.[1]

O Śivā! Indeed You are completely situated in the following three beautiful forms: (i) A form with dark complexion, which has scimitar and demon-skull in hand, and which has shine on face, or (ii) A form with clear complexion, which has boon, Veda and akṣamālā (garland) in hand, and which has auspicious face, or (iii) A form with red complexion, which has abhaya, dāna and noose in hands, and which has a splendid face.[2]

You quickly convert an ill-fated life into an immensely-prosperous life; You (thus) increase the means of happiness. There is no doubt that You protect the person affected by illness. Protect me, please protect me, and always cause benevolence on me.[3]

Indeed the supreme Goddess Pārvatī is always associated with a resplendent form. (In contrast) I am unattended in the ocean of metempsychosis, which is like deep and troublesome darkness. O Śivā! Then, what is the relationship of You and me, in this existential world? O Parāmbikā! I conclude that You, Satī, are there to bestow me light.[4]

O Ambikā! Indeed what is the result (necessity) of continuous change in mortal world, in the three qualities, in reclining inside the bowl-like womb, in birth, in death, or in the very fearful ocean of metempsychosis? I conclude that ‘this exists,’ indeed as a medium to pray You.[5]

The soothing property in the lotus-feet of You wins over the soothing property in sandalwood, or red-sandalwood, or favorite saffron (Kesara), or new jasmine flowers, or water, or the coast of a river, or the garden at coasts, or materials of happiness, or cool breeze, or breeze from Mount Malaya which is pure and filled with favorite fragrance.[6]

May You, Pārvatī, give me perpetual memory of Yourself in the ocean of happiness or grief, in the battlefield of difficulties, in the troublesome metempsychosis, in deep and hard to tread forest, in ocean of happiness, in presence of beloved, in the cage-like life which is inspired by Kāla (time), and in the next life.[7]

O Mother! You exist with various forms in the ocean of metempsychosis, by sport (līlā). Indeed, by which method can I write (do) a complete eulogy of You? O Parāmbikā! Make this eulogy — which is made by gluing together a net of random and small words — successful. Give me (Your) memory. Be happy on me.[8]


Poet: Animeṣa

Book: Stutimaṇḍalasaṅkalana

Translator: Animesh Kumar

Submitter: Animesh Kumar


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