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May Sarasvatī — Who speaks favorite, Who bestows favorite, Who fulfils (our) favorite, Who roams unbounded, Who is adorned by the color of a swan (white), Who roams with a swan, Who is adorned by a shining and resplendent Vīṇā, Who bestows good luck, and Who is auspicious — always extend my thinking.[1]

May Sarasvatī — Who is adorned with a garland from Her own abode, Who roams along the tracks of Her own abode, Who fulfils the desires or gives Her abode [to the devotee], Who absolves the grief of Her devotee, Who is well known for kindness towards others, Who gives Her world and Who is auspicious — always extend my thinking.[2]

May Sarasvatī — Who is adored by knowledgable saints, Who is revered by skilful knowledge-seekers, Who destroys the fear of death, Who has famous and fish-like eyes, Who is adorned by splendor, Who is complete bliss, Who bestows special knowledge, and Who is auspicious — always extend my thinking.[3]

May Sarasvatī — Who is perfect beautiful, Who is mercy, Who amazes infinite number of worlds, Who entices the whole world, Who is revered by the unborn [God], Who is unthinkable, Who is infallible, Who bestows immeasurable wisdom and knowledge, and Who is auspicious — always extend my thinking.[4]

May Sarasvatī — Who has lotus-like face, feet, nails and forehead, Who possesses the art-forms, Who has enticing variegated golden bracelets, Who has shining diamond-studded ear-hoops, Who entices the mind, Who bestows wealth, and Who is auspicious — always extend my thinking.[5]

May Sarasvatī — Who is Śriyā, Who is Svadhā, Who is mercy, Who is forgiveness, Who is always established by Her sportive plays, Who is without a support, Who is always a support, Who resides in a garden of swans, Who is eternally merciful and immensely benevolent, Who is the support of the One Who saves the world [God], and Who is always auspicious — always extend my thinking.[6]

May Sarasvatī — Who destroys the difficult enemies, Who entices everyone in the world, Who has a swan-vehicle, Who destroys the grief during bad times, Who is hunger, Who destroys hunger, Who bestows knowledge to the fool too, and Who is auspicious — always extend my thinking.[7]

May Sarasvatī — Who is revered by skilful men, saints, apparitions, Nāga and celestial bards, Who is adored by Kubera, Vāyu, Śukra, Varuṇa and Indra, Who is self-illuminating, Who gives happiness to Maheśa, Śeṣa, Kṛṣṇa and Brahmā, and Who is auspicious — always extend my thinking.[8]

May Sarasvatī — Who illuminates the commentaries on the truth established by all the Veda, Who rules the webs of wisdom and knowledge of devotees and non-devotees alike, Who is established by the services of the wise saints, Who forgives us, and Who is auspicious — always extend my thinking.[9]

May Sarasvatī — Who is full of mercy, forgiveness, benevolence and nectar, Who is the controller of mind and wisdom, Who is the beautiful One Who resides in the temple like mind, Who entices the mind, Who wins over the mind, Who liberates us from the pain of ocean of metempsychosis (rebirth), and Who is auspicious — always extend my thinking.[10]


Poet: Animeṣa

Book: Stutimaṇḍalasaṅkalana

Translator: Animesh Kumar

Submitter: Animesh Kumar


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