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Kalavati Stuti | Sharada Stuti | Muttusvami Guruguha Dikshitar


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Pallavī: May Sarasvatī, Who is a young Woman seated on a lotus-seat, and Who is Kalāvatī (one Who possesses art), incite auspicion (in my life).

Anupallavi: May Bhāratī — Who is the mystic syllable for strong and weak, Who is the embodiment of Mother, Who destroys malice, Who is controller of voice (Vāṇī), Who has bumble-bees around braids of hair (due to flowers), and Who holds a mystic lute — incite auspicion [in my life].[1]

Caraṇa: May Śāradā — Who is resplendent with the rays of light from the winter-moon, Who has moon-like face, Who roams in Kāśmīra, Who is beyond everything, Who holds a goad, Who gives boons, Who holds fearlessness, whip and book in hands, Whose lotus-feet have been honored by demi-gods, Who is beautiful, Who is seated on a white lotus, Who entices Purāri (Śiva) and Guruguha, and Who is the daughter-in-law of Murāri — incite auspicion [in my life].1[1]


1 The meaning of suradanā is unclear to the translator.


Poet: Muttusvāmī Dīkṣitar

Translator: Animesh Kumar

Submitter: Animesh Kumar


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