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Viṣṇu Āratī

Oṁ. Be victorious, O Hari, Who is the lord of the universe, Who is the owner! Be victorious, O Hari, Who is the lord of the world. You remove the dangers of devotees, or You remove the dangers of servants within a second.[1]

That who meditates upon You, achieves the desired result, and his mental grief comes to an end. Bliss and wealth come to his home, and his physical agony ends.[2]

You are my mother and father. In that case, whose refuge shall I take? There is no one apart from You, whose hope I can have.[3]

You are complete and Paramātman, and You regular our internal feelings (Antaryāmī). You are beyond Brahmā and You are the supreme Lord. You are the master of everyone.[4]

You are like an ocean of compassion, and You are the protector (nourisher). I am foolish, deceitful, and desirous. I am the servant, and You are my master. Please cause benevolence on me.[5]

You are One, and You cannot be perceived by sense-organs (sensory perception). You control the life of everyone. O You, Who is full of compassion! By which method can I — who is without intelligence — meet You?[6]

You are friend of weak, and You absolve the pain. You are my protector. Please extend Your benevolent support towards me. I am fallen on Your door-steps.[7]

Wipe the affliction due to worldly activities. Absolve my sins, O Noble One! Extend faith and devotion in Yourself, Who is served by the sages.[8]


Poet: Śāradā Rāma Phillaurī

Translator: Animesh Kumar

Submitter: Animesh Kumar


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