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Lakṣmī Aṣṭottaranāmāvalī

I adore Lakṣmī, Who has a lotus in Her hand, Who has a resplendent body, Who bestows immense and good fate, Who gives fearlessness from Her hands (mudrā), Who is adorned in various ways with jewels, Who fulfils the desired wishes of the devotees, Who is extoled by Hari, Hara and Brahmā, and Who is always accompanied, in the left-side, with glorious powerful lotus, conch-shell and lotus-treasure.[1]

O Lakṣmī, Who has lotus-like eyes, Who has lotus in hand, Who is dazzling-white in complexion, Who has a garland full of herbal fragrance, Who is the Goddess, Who is dear to Hari, Who is beautiful, and Who provides wealth to all the three worlds! Please shower happiness on me.[2]

I bow to Vidyā, Who manifests as nature, Who manifests as distortions, Who bestows help to everyone, Who is devotion, Who is splendor, Who is fragrance, and Who is the dearest One. I bow to Lakṣmī, Who is Vāṇī, Who has Her abode in lotus, Who is Padmā, Who is Śuci, Who is oblation, Who is self-powerful, Who is like nectar, Who bestows wealth, Who is golden, Who is always well-supplied, and Who is bright.[3--4]

I bow to Kamalā, Who is boundless, Who is dividing, Who is resplendent, Who is producing wealth, Who is treasuring wealth, Who is shining, Who fulfils desires, and Who was born out of Kṣīrasāgara. I bow to Lakṣmī, the Dear one of Hari, Who bestows kindness, Who is wisdom, Who is faultless, Who is without grief, Who is like divine-nectar, Who is shining, and Who destroys the grief of the mundane world.[5--6]

I bow to Padmākṣī, Who is the abode of Dharma, Who is full of compassion, Who is the Mother of the world, Who is dear to lotuses, Who has a lotus in hand, and Who is beautiful like a lotus. I bow to Ramā, Who is the source of lotus, Who has a lotus-like face, Who is dear to Padmanābha, Who wears a garland of lotuses, Who is the Goddess, Who is known as Padminī, and Who has a fragrance of lotus.[7--8]

I bow to Prabhā, Who is fragrant, Who is very gracious, Who has a very tranquil face, Who has a face like the moon, Who is shiny, and Who was born with shiny jewels. I bow to Satī, Who has four-hands, Who has the beauty of moon, Who is known as Indirā, Who is tranquil like the moon, Who gives birth to delight, Who is health, Who is auspicion, and Who bestows auspicion.[9--10]

I bow to the Divine Mother, Who is stainless, Who is health, Who destroys poverty, Whose affection is like a lotus-pool, Who is quiet, Who has a white-flower garland adorned apparel, and Who is wealth. I bow to the Divine mother, Who is containing wealth, Who has beautiful organs, Who is the four kind of beautiful women, and Who has a golden garland.[11--12]

I bow to Siddhi, Who bestows wealth and crop, Who is most-beautiful (moon) among women, Who grants auspicion, Who lives in the treasure of kings, Who is the wealth of boons, and Who grants wealth. I bow to Siddhi, Who is auspicious, Who is surrounded by a golden wall, Who is the Daughter of the Ocean, Who is victory, Who is auspicious, Who is the Goddess, and Who is seated at the chest of Viṣṇu.[13--14]

I bow to the consort of Viṣṇu, Who has blissful eyes, Who is sheltered at the chest of Nārāyaṇa, Who destroys poverty, Who is the Goddess, and Who destroys all the upsurge. I bow to Mahālakṣmī, Who incarnates as nine forms of Durgā, Who is served by Brahmā, Rudra and Indra, Who has the knowledge of the past, the present and the future, and Who is the ruler of the existence.[15--16]

I adore You Lakṣmī, the Daughter of the king of oceans, Who decides the fortune in battle, Who has all the demi-gods at the servile position, Who is like the light for the whole world, Whose auspicious and gentle glance of eyes benefits Brahmā, Indra and Śiva (Who holds the Gaṅgā), Who is the householder of the three worlds, Who is born form water, and Who is the Dear one of Mukunda.[17]

O Mother, Who is known as Kamalā, Who has eyes which are the house of lotus, Who resides in the lotus like heart of Viṣṇu, Who is the mother of the universe, Who is born out of milk, Who is white like the inner soft shoots of lotus! I bow to You. O Lakṣmī, Who gives refuge to everyone! Always be happy on me.[18]


Translator: Animesh Kumar

Submitter: Animesh Kumar


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