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Bhagavati Stotra by Vyasa, Bhagavatistotram, Devi Stuti


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1 Be victorious, O Goddess, Who bestows boons, Who destroys our sins, Who bestows all the results of various deeds, Who holds the skull of Śumbha and Niśumbha, and Who absolves human pains! Salutations to You; I bow to You.[1]

Be victorious, O Goddess, Who has the sun and the moon as eyes, Whose face is glorified like the fire, Who is sitting on the body of Bhairava (Śiva), and Who oppresses the demon Andhaka.[2]

Be victorious, O Goddess, Who killed Mahiṣāsura, Who holds a spear in hand, Who absolves the sin of the entire world, Who is bowed upon by Brahmā and Viṣṇu, and Who is saluted with head by Sūrya and Indra!.[3]

Be victorious, O Goddess, Who is bowed upon by Kārtikeya and Śaṅkara with weapons, Who is bowed upon by Gaṅgā and Śambhu, Who destroys grief and poverty, and Who causes the incremenet of sons and husband![4]

Be victorious, O Goddess, Who takes on various forms, Who shows the heaven, Who absolves grief, Who destroys obstacles, Who causes salvation, Who bestows the wishes, and Who gives the boon of skill (siddhi).[5]

Those who sing this eulogy written by Vyāsa after morning ablutions [anywhere] are dear to the Goddess.[6]


1 This poem is approximately in the meter (chandas) called Toṭaka. Occasionally, two short syllables are used to make a long syllable.


Poet: Vyāsa

Book: Stotraratnāvalī

Translator: Animesh Kumar

Submitter: Animesh Kumar


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