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Lalita Sahasranama Dhyanam


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(One should) Meditate upon the Divine Mother, Who has a red-color smeared body, Who has three-eyes, Who has the leader of stars (the moon) on Her forehead which is shining with precious stones, Who has a gentle smile on the face, Who has breasts full of milk, Who has divine honey — full of bees — in Her hands, Who is bearing a red lotus, Who is serene, and Whose feet is immersed into a jewel pot full of red liquid.[1]

(One should) Meditate upon Śrīvidyā, Who sits on a seat of lotus, Who has full grown body, Who has eyes like the abode of lotus, Who has ice-white complexion, Who has yellow apparel, Who has an ornate and shining white lotus in hand, Who is elegant, Who is present with every ornation, Who always bestows fearlessness, Who is bowed upon by devotees, Who is known as Bhavānī, Who is quiet, Who is bowed upon by all the demi-gods, and Who bestows every kind of wealth.[2]


1 This invocation appears in Śrīlalitāsahasranāma.


Book: Lalitāsahasranāma

Translator: Animesh Kumar

Submitter: Animesh Kumar


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