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I always adore Rāma, Who has the lustre of a lotus, Who is holding the power of fire which burns the forest of metempsychosis, Who is attained as eternal bliss by the dear one of Bhavānī, Who is the cause of the non-existence of this world, and Who is approached by the whole universe.[1]

I adore Rāma, Who is for the destruction of the stream of the grief of the array of demi-gods, Who took the form of a human, Who is without a form, Who is worthy of glorification, Who is the Lord beyond everyone, Who is the utmost bliss, Who is desirable, Who is known as Hari, Who is the Lord, and Who destroys the weight of the earth.[2]

I adore the friendly Rāma, Who gives immense happiness to those who approach Him, Who is worthy of approaching, Who possesses the power to destroy the grief completely of those who acknowledge Him, Who is accomplished by the emotions of penance, yoga, and the master of yoga, and Who is the friend of Sugrīva and others.[3]

I take refuge in Rāma, Who is always staying away from those who are immersed in luxuries, Who is always staying close to those who are immersed in Yoga, Who is the cloud of eternal bliss, Who is the best among Rāghava, and Who is the bliss of the daughter of Videha (Sītā).[4]

O Lord! You appear as a human (for sportive play) in the union with the special Mahāmāyā (the great illusion). Those whose ears are full of the sportive-glance stories of Your exploits, become eternally blissful in this world.[5]

I am quenched in pride and I am intoxicated and maddened. I did not count anyone in front of me with the pride of being the supreme in the world. But now, due to the generosity of Your lotus-feet, my pride of being the supreme in the three-worlds has been destroyed.[6]

I adore Lord Rāghava, Who appears enticing with a garland of Keyūra and shining precious stones, Who burns the load of array of demons on the face of the earth, Who has a face resembling the winter moon, Who has shining lotus like eyes, and Whose scope is difficult to be perceived.[7]

I adore Rāmacandra, Who is the Lord of demi-gods, Who has a blue resplendence on body like that of a blue water-carrying cloud, Who established peace in the world by killing demons like Virādha and others, Who is adorned with diamond and other jewels, Who is the wealth of Purāri (Śiva), and Who is the chief in the lineage of Raghu.[8]

I adore Rāmacandra, Who — having placed Sītā with shining white complexion and lightening streak resplendence in His lap — is seated on a throne resplendent like millions of shining moon, and Who is free of pain and sloth.[9]


Poet: Indra

Book: Ādhyātmarāmāyaṇa

Translator: Animesh Kumar

Submitter: Animesh Kumar


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