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Bala Muktavali Stotram from Vishnu Yamalam


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I adore Bālā, Who is radiant like millions of morning Sun, Who is adorned by millions of universes, and Whose beauty is superior than millions of cupids. I adore Bālā, Whose splendor is comparable to millions of Agnideva, Who is minute, Who can disregard millions and millions put together, Who bestows boons, Whose complexion is red, and Who is timeless.[1—2]

I adore Bālā, Who is the abode of jewel-like knowledge, Who is insurmountable, Who is the incarnation of Parabrahman, Who went on the five Pretāsana,1 and Who sleeps in a cave. I adore Bālā, Who is at the top of temple of Parā, Who is pure, Who holds a bowl, Who liberates animals (including humans) from metempsychosis, Who is sharp, and Who sits on Śiva.[3—4]

I adore Bālā, Who is the daughter of Himālaya (Girijā), Who is situated in the middle of Mount Sumeru, Who is Sarasvatī (voice), Who gives knowledge, Who is beyond secret knowledge, Who is the beginning, and Who is oldest. I adore Bālā, Who is more graceful than millions of intellectual beings, Who is more soothing than millions of moons, Who has sky as the clothes, Who is the Goddess beyond everything, and Who has a skull in hand.[5—6]

I adore Bālā, Who is the cause of beginnning and end of existence, Who is the cause of three qualities, Who has the capacity to swallow time, and Who bestows fruits (of deeds). I adore Bālā, Who destroyed the sacrifice (of Dakṣa), Who is the body of sacrifice, Who bestows auspicion to deeds of sacrifice, Who is the soul of jīva, Who is the world-Mother, and Who is beyond the scope of everything.[7—8]

Thus ends this really secret Muktāvalī eulogy with names (of Bālā). O Maheśānī! Those who read this eulogy, I don’ have the power to tell their achievements.[9]


1 Brahmā, Rudra, Viṣṇu, Sadāśiva, and Īśvara are the five Brahmāsana or Pretāsana (see Devībhāgavatapurāṇa).


Book: Viṣṇuyāmalam

Translator: Animesh Kumar

Submitter: Animesh Kumar


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