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Salutations for that Śiva, Who is the reason behind the fundamental reason of the creation, Who has yellow eyes made resplendent by shiny lamps, Who has made the king of snakes (a cobra) as an ornament of ear-hoop, and Who bestows boons to Brahmā, Indra, and Viṣṇu.[1]

Salutations for Śiva, Who is possessing splendor, Who is happy, Who has a moon and snake as adornment, Whose eyes are kissed by the face of the daughter of Mountains (Pārvatī), Who has Mount Kailāsa, Mount Mandara and Mount Mahendra as His abode, and Who absolves the grief of the three-worlds.[2]

Salutations for Śiva, Who is associated with lotus, stainless jewels, ear-hoops and a bull, Who is applied by grey aloe fragrance and large amounts of sandal paste, Who has a garland of radiant lotuses which are nicely smeared with ashes, and Who has a blue-throat resembling a blue lotus.[3]

Salutations for Śiva, Who has immense matted-hair fastened steadily by a snake, Who is fear causing by the means of frightening, fierce and horrifying teeth, Who wears an apparel made from the skin of a tiger and an elephant, Who (despite all this) pleases the mind, and Who is prayed by the Lord of the three-worlds.[4]

Salutations for Śiva, Who destroyed the great sacrifice of Dakṣa Prajāpati, Who killed the great demon Tripurāsura in a flash, Who destroyed the egotist fifth-head powered by Brahmā,1 Who is Yoga in totality, and Who is revered by Yoga.[5]

Salutations for Śiva, Who is the creation, destruction and change of the world, Who is surrounded by groups of demons, apparitions, gaṇa and siddha, Who is served by the siddha, the snakes, the planets, and Who has a lion-skin cloth.[6]

Salutations for Śiva, Who makes His appearance mind-winning by smearing ashes over His body, Who is the support of those taken shelter in the forests (the sages), Who looks at the eye-glance of Gaurī with a sidewise glance, and Who has a white complexion like cow’s milk color.[7]

Salutations for Śiva, Who is served by the Sun, the Moon, the Water and the Air, Who resides in the fumes of the fire of sacrifices, Who is eulogized by the sages using verses from Ṛgveda and Sāmaveda, Who nourishes cows, and Who is revered by Nandī and other Gopa.[8]

Those who read this blissful Śivāṣṭakam in the proximity of Śiva, attain the world of Śiva and rejoice with Him.[9]


1 When the world returned from the deluge to expansion, Brahmā created Rudra and they had a verbal argument. Motivated by this, Rudra used His nails to chop off the fifth head of Brahmā. Since then Rudra is known as Kapālin (see the beginning of Vāmanapurāṇa).


Poet: Śaṅkarācārya

Book: Śivastotraratnākaraḥ

Translator: Animesh Kumar

Submitter: Animesh Kumar


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