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Bilvashtakam | Bilvastakam | Shiv Stotram


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I offer Śiva a Bilva-petal, Which has three leaves, Which signifies the three qualities, Which has three leaves like the three eyes (of Śiva), Which resembles the three categories of weapon, and Which absolves the sins of three births.[1] I offer Śiva with Bilva-petals, Which have three shoots, Which are soft and free of holes, and Which are auspicious. I offer a Bilva-petal to Śiva.[2]

When Lord Nandīkeśvara (Śiva is adored with an undivided Bilva-petal, then all the sins get purified or absolved. I offer a Bilva-petal to Śiva.[3] The offer of one Bilva-petal to Śiva is possibly equal to the spiritual bliss attained by the offer of a Śālagrāma stone to a Brahman or that of performing a Somayajña.[4]

Giving millions of elephants in charity, performing hundreds of Vājapeya sacrifice, or giving away millions of daughters in marriage equal the offering of one Bilva-petal to Śiva.[5] I offer a Bilva-tree to Śiva, Which is born from the breast of Lakṣmī, and Which is dear to Mahādeva. I offer a Bilva-petal to Śiva.[6]

The sight and touch of a Bilva-tree absolves the sins, even the most heinous of sins. I offer a Bilva-petal to Śiva.[7] The base of Bilva-petal represents Brahmā, the middle represents Viṣṇu, and the top represents Śiva. I offer a Bilva-petal to Śiva.[8]

Those who recite this sacred Bilvāṣṭakam near Śiva shall be freed from all the sins and will attain the abode of Śiva.[9]


Book: Śivastotraratnākaraḥ

Translator: Ashutosh and Animesh

Submitter: Ashutosh and Animesh


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