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Aiso ko Udar Jag mahi by Tulsidas from Vinay Patrika


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Vinayāvalī 162

Who is so generous in the world to melt (with compassion) on the distressed never in His service? There is none like Rāma. The state which (even) seers and the Jñānī do not get performing penance and non-attachment (for ages), Rāma gifted that state (of Haripada) to the vulture Jaṭāyū and the Bhilla woman Śabarī, and did not consider it to be enough in His mind.[1—2]

The prosperity that Rāvaṇa obtained from Śiva after offering ten heads, Rāma gave that affluence to Vibhīṣaṇa with extreme hesitation (thinking even this is not enough to be given to Vibhīṣaṇa). Tulasīdāsa says, O my mind! If you want all pleasures in all ways, then sing of Rāma. He, Who is the ocean of compassion, will fulfill all your desires.[3—4]


Poet: Tulasīdāsa

Book: Vinayapatrikā

Translator: Akhandanandaprasada

Submitter: Akhandanandaprasada


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