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Krsna Stuti by Mucakunda from Vishnu Purana


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You are the final refuge of all the living beings, who have fallen in the world. O You, Who absolves the grieves of fallen! Be happy. Destroy my ill-fate. You are the oceans, the mountains and the rivers, the forests, the earth, the sky, the wind. You are fire as well as the mind.[1—2]

You are wisdom, You are the life which is without any shape, You are the Lord of life, and You are the soul. You are also that, Which is beyond the souls, Which is all pervading, and does not suffers from birth. You are that Brahman, Which is beyond the qualities like sound, Which is ageless, Which is immeasurable, Which does not changes, and Which manifests in the world by ceasing the lack of growth. You are beyond the beginning and the end.[3—4]

The demi-gods with Brahmā, the Yakṣa, Gandharva and Kinnara, the Siddha, the celestial dancers, the men, the animals, the birds, the creepers, the deers, the trees, all what will appear in the future or has already appeared, and anything which has been left in this universe has blossomed forth by the means of You.[5—6]

Form or formless, as well as the large objects and the smallest of the particles — that all are Your forms, Who is the creator of the universe. There is nothing in this world without Your support. O Lord! Inspired by the three qualities, I have always been wandering in this cycle of universe without the attainment of any satisfaction.[7—8]

O Lord! In the mirage-like confusions of the life, the pains appeared as the happiness; with this thought, they got accepted by me; it has only caused grief to me. O Lord! The territories, the earth, the strength, the treasure, the allies, the relatives, the wife, the kith and kin — these and other subjects of life were accepted by me with the thought that they will bring happiness and they will never cease. However, they have brought only responsibility and pain to me.[10—11]

O Master! With the achievement of the heaven as well, the group of demi-gods wanted my help in their war. Then where is the freedom from trouble (even in the heaven)? O Parameśvara! In this world, who can attain the eternal bliss, Your feet, and freedom from worries without having done Your devotion?[13]

By the means of You, the illusioned hopeless minds, having wandered amidst birth, death and old age, observe various troubles and reach the gates of Yamarāja in the end. O Parameśvara! Then in the hell, various humans — who are unaware of Your glories — are subjected to grief, which is very torturous. I am very much involved in the worldly issues, I am enticed by Your Māyā or world, and I am roaming inside the pit of attachment and pride.[16]

Therefore, I am in Your refuge, which is immeasurable and unfathomable. If I achieve the supreme position of Your feet, which is indistinguishable from the world. I am tired of roaming through the world, and I am interested only in You, Who is situated in the state of Nirvāṇa or complete rest.[17]


Poet: Mucakunda

Book: Viṣṇupurāṇa

Translator: Animesh Kumar

Submitter: Animesh Kumar


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