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Siva Vandana | Stuti by Sages from Siva Rahasyam


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I extol Maheśa, Who is adored by the demi-gods, Who has a moon on His forehead, Who is the pleasure of Bhavānī, and Whose bow-shaft — immense like the great Mount Meru — breaks the organs only by the heaped up resplendence.[1]

I extol Maheśa, Who gives the position of immense bliss and enjoyment, Who is eager for recreation, Who is the end of the end of Khara (Rāma), Who is for the abandonment of the wealth and glory of the demon Pura, Who causes grief to Smara (Kāmadeva), and Who is the companion of Umā.[2]

I extol that Maheśa, Who has the artistry of crescent moon as a crest-jewel, Who has the moon — which is surrounded by hordes of stars — as a crest jewel, Who is the king of swans floating in the lake like mind, and Who has a gentle smile due to Bhavānī.[3]

I extol that Maheśa, Who is the precedent of Mukunda, Who is adored by the demi-gods, Who is eulogized by various Vedānta texts, Who absolves the grief of those who take refuge, Who is beyond everything, and Who is auspicious in a quick manner (i.e., without wait).[4]

I extol You Maheśa, Who is for the reason of the creation and the evolution of the world, Who is for the reason of the nourishment of the world, Who is worthy of reverence, Who is fit as the cause of the disappearance of the world, and Who is like the Sun for the lotus-like face of Bhavānī.[5]

I extol that Maheśa, Who spontaneously (in a flash) destroyed the poison named Kālakūṭa, Who destroys Smara or Kāmadeva, Who destroys Madana or Kāmadeva, Whose body is shining forth due to rising radiance, and Who has ornaments made from the seeds of Rudrākṣa.[6]

I extol that Maheśa, Who is like the fire during doom for the superb darkness like rage-blind demon Andhaka. I extol that Maheśa, Who is happy in the lap of the daughter of Girirāja (Bhavānī), while being close to the dust of the kāśmira-wood marked on Her breasts.[7]

I spontaneously extol Maheśa, Who has a plough-like eye, and Who holds a shining trident in the front of His hand. I again extol You, Maheśa, Who has the skin of a deer in hand, and Who is adorned by the presence of Śivā on the left side.[8]

I extol that Maheśa, Who gives the fruits of the deeds of the four classes of people, Who is the symbol of the ruler of cows, and Who is surrounded by various celestial groups terrified by the impingement due to the end of the tress-locks (of Śiva).[9]


Poet: Rṣayaḥ

Book: Śivarahasyam

Translator: Animesh Kumar

Submitter: Animesh Kumar


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