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Akhilandeshvari | Akhilandeshwari | Akhilandesvari by Guruguha Diksitar


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Akhilāṇḍeśvari rakṣa mām

Pallavī: O Mother, Who is the Goddess of entire egg-like universe, and Who is deft in giving the knowledge of sacred works! Protect me.

Anupallavi: O Mother, Who rules over the entire egg-like universe, Who is the incessant self of the entire universe, Who is spotless, Who is pure, Who has a grey complexion, and Who is the abode of all artistry! Protect me.

Caraṇa: O Mother, Who rules over the entire egg-like universe, Who is adored by Lambodara and Guruguha, Who is well-exhibited by long tresses, Who is smiling, Who is prayed upon by the voice-controllers, Who gives boons, Who is bowed upon by the best King of mountains, Who is Śāradā, Who shines forth as the slayer of Jambha, Who is bowed upon by Janārdana, Who is adorned by this hymn in the Raga Jujāvantī, Who is pleased by the resonant sound of cymbals and drums, and Who bestows knowlege! Protect me.[1]


Poet: Muttusvāmī Dīkṣitar

Translator: Animesh Kumar

Submitter: Animesh Kumar


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