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O Mother Bālā, Whose compassion surpasses any limit or boundary, Who is adored by the demi-gods, Who resides in the heart of everything made out of sportive Māyā, and Whose organs are decorated with garland and earrings made of diamond jewels! Please cast a benevolent glance on me.[1]

O Mother Bālā, Whose lotus-feet are colored by the light from millions of studded gems, diamonds and jewels in a seat of lotus, and Whose pleasant anklet sound is not won over by the swan songs! Please cast a benevolent glance on me.[2]

O Mother Bālā, Who is made very beautiful by one-sixteenth of snowy and lustrous moon, Whose rays born out of feet’s end (toes) completely conquer pearl’s lustre, Who rules over the life of tormentor king Śiva, and Who is eminent! Please cast a benevolent glance on me.[3]

O Mother Bālā, Who wins over the quiver (arrows) of Kāmadeva (cittija) by Her shanks etc., Whose two best-elephant trunk like thighs humble (the thighs of) Rambhā and other damsels, and Whose sporty clothes are more resplendent that hundreds of lightening put together! Please cast a benevolent glance on me.[4]

O Mother Bālā, Whose opulent girdle is made of jewels and pearls, Whose cloth fastener has shining stones hanging by Māyā, and Whose new facial hair is shining like rows of bumble-bees! Please cast a benevolent glance on me.[5]

O Mother Bālā, Whose low belly-button in midriff is like the base of a Banyan-tree shoot, Whose two separated breasts are shining due to a shaking garland, and Whose limbs are decorated by ornaments of beautiful jewels and gold! Please cast a benevolent glance on me.[6]

O Mother Bālā, Whose very beauty is slaying the pride of cupid’s bow, Who possesses beauty due to quivering rows of eyebrows, and Whose forehead region has similar shape to that of brother of Kāmadeva (Kandarpa)! Please cast a benevolent glance on me.[7]

O Mother Bālā, Whose conch-shaped neck is endowed with shining pearl necklace, Whose gentle smiling face defeats the face of moon, and Whose ambrosia-filled glance is intent upon endowing the desires of devotee! Please cast a benevolent glance on me.[8]

O Mother Bālā, Whose jewel-studded earrings hang from ears to cheeks, Whose new lotus-petal like large eyes extend till ears, and Whose nose is splendid due to jewel and pearl studded in gold! Please cast a benevolent glance on me.[9]

O Mother Bālā, Who is gracious due to bumble-bee like beautiful hair braids, Whose hairnet has new jasmine flowers and new jasmine buds, and Who has young-moon like beautiful diamond (on forehead)! Please cast a benevolent glance on me.[10]

O Mother Bālā! May the great Queen, Who is dear to Vaidyanātha (Śiva), protect me. O Mother! Please, I am gone to the refuge of Your feet.[11]


Book: Skandapurāṇa

Translator: Animesh Kumar

Submitter: Animesh Kumar


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