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Krishna Janma (Birth) by Vidyasagar Jha | Janmashtami 2006


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Gopāla Janma

1The group of men and women are going towards the doors of Nanda in the village of Gokula, where the lotus-feet of Kṛṣṇa has arrived. Today, Hari, Who entices Hara (Śiva), has manifested there.[1]

Play beautiful and auspicious songs. Let Vraja engross in immense happiness today. Lord Kṛṣṇa, Who blossoms the mind of sages, has appeared possessing colorful and amazing form today.[2]

His face is dark, His eyes and heart are surprized, and His curly tresses are present on the forehead. He destroys the ocean of metempsychosis, He has lips like new and red blooming flower, and He has reddish-cheeks resembling a cloud shining due to the morning sun.[3]

He has a soft body and soft marks (of nipples) on His chest, and He has a lotus-like face which is like hundreds of moon. His nose is nicely built, and His cheeks are very soft. His charm causes passion even in the minds of dispassionate seers.[4]

When Baby Kṛṣṇa raises His both hands, then who does not lifts Him with affection! The well-versed in studies, the knowledgable, and the immense siddha — the whole society (including these) is a captive of the affection of Mukunda.[5]

He destroys the fear of metempsychosis, He entices, He is the abode of compassion, He is the collection of Veda, Purāṇa, knowledge and qualities, He holds the Earth, He destroys the weight of the earth, He has the Sun and the Moon as His eyes, and He is the ornation of the universe.[6]

He is the dear one of Brāhmaṇa, He helps the slayers of demons, He is worthy of meditation inside the temple-like mind, He is without a beginning, He is the beginning, He is immeasurable, He is without bounds. O Śrīkānta! Dwell in my heart forever.[7]

He is the destroyer of desire, anger, madness, and attachment. He entices the temple-like mind, heart, and eyes. In this one world of mundane existence, there are countless destroyers of happiness — the only solace here is the sight of Mādhava.[8]


1 This poem won the First Prize in Kṛṣṇakāvyakusumāñjali 2006, a poetry competition held by Stutimandal.


Poet: Vidyāsāgara Jhā

Book: Stutimaṇḍalasaṅkalana

Translator: Vidyasagar Jha

Submitter: Vidyasagar Jha


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