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Sharanam Bhava by Narayan Teerth (Narayana Teertha) at Stutimandal


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Śaraṇaṁ Bhava

O Madhusūdana, Who is benevolent to the destitute, Who is the ocean of benevolence-like nectar, and Who was merciful to the king of elephants (Indradyumna)! Be my shelter. Bring compassion to me. By my understanding, right now I am indeed filled with demons. O Madhusūdana, Who slayed Madhu! Absolve my troubles.[1]

O Madhusūdana, Who has the best anklet, Who is beautiful, Who has hands adorned by bracelets, Who absolves the fear of demi-gods and priests, and Who holds the Earth! Quickly and please remove the weight of demons, who have defeated the demi-gods here, O Lord! O Madhusūdana, Who slayed Madhu! Absolve my troubles.[2]

O Madhusūdana, Who has an earring with a studded gem which has a circular group of light-rays, Who reclines on the bed of Śeṣanāga, Who is adorned by the qualities of Aṇimā and others, Who dwells inside the Maṇḍapa made of jewels, Who has a vehicle of Garuḍa -- the son of Vinatā, Who lives inside the minds of sages, and Who slayed Madhu! Absolve my troubles.[3]

O Madhusūdana, Who causes fear in the enemies, Who is born from the same womb as Halin (Balarāma), Who is the ocean of happiness, Who destroyed the demon Narakāsura, Who protects the men, Who protected the ocean, Who is the Paramātman before His servants Śiva and ‘‘Nārāyaṇatīrtha,’’ and Who slayed Madhu! Absolve my troubles.[4]


Poet: Nārāyaṇatīrtha

Translator: Animesh Kumar

Submitter: Animesh Kumar


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