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I bow to Lord Rāma, Who is the praise of agitated demi-gods, Who is the dear one in the lineage of the Sun, and Who has a sandalwood mark on the forehead.[1] I bow to Lord Rāma, Who availed the sacrifice of sages (by slaying demons), Who absolved the trouble of stone-turned Ahilyā, and Who destroyed the great bow (of Śiva).[2]

I bow to Lord Rāma, Who made true the vow of His father, Who roamed in the forest of penance, and Who has a beautiful bow in the hand.[3] I bow to Lord Rāma, Who fired an arrow on the deer, Who absolved Jat?ayu, and Who is the leader of the strong monkeys.[4]

I bow to Lord Rāma, Who reached a pact with the monkeys, Who tied a bridge over the ocean, and Who destroyed the lineage of the ten-headed Rāvaṇa.[5] I bow to Lord Rāma, Who made the demi-gods happy, Who showered desired wealth to monkeys, and Who removed the grief of His relatives.[6]

I bow to Lord Rāma, Who protected the state without enemies (Ayodhyā), Who swallowed the troubles of the people, and Who removes passion (for the mundane-world).[7] I bow to Lord Rāma, Who absolved the weight of the earth, Who took the citizens of Ayodhyā to His abode, and Who is like the Sun for the darkness-like world.[8]

That man who regularly sings these eight cantos on the best of Raghu, does not gets affected by the fears born out of the mundane world.[9]


Poet: Paramahaṁsa Brahmānanda

Book: Stotraratnāvalī

Translator: Animesh Kumar

Submitter: Animesh Kumar


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