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Jay Ambe Gauri (Jaya Ambe Gaurii) Jai Ambe Gauri ( Gauri Aarti) Gauri Aarati


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Gaurī Āratī

Be victorious, O Mother Gaurī! Be victorious, O Śyāmā! O Gaurī! You are incessantly meditated upon by Hari, Brahmā, and Śiva. Wish victory to Mother Gaurī.[1]

She has vermillion mark on Her hair-parting, and She has a ṭīkā of the deer-musk. She has two beautiful resplendent eyes and Her face is like the Moon. Wish victory to Mother Gaurī.[2]

She has a gold-like body, and She is decorated with a blood-red apparel. She has a blood-red flower garland as well as a necklace around her neck. Wish victory to Mother Gaurī.[3]

She is seated on a lion-vehicle, and She holds a khaḍga and a sword. She is served by the demi-gods, the men and the sages, and She absolves their grief. Wish victory to Mother Gaurī.[4]

She is adorned by ear-hoops, and She has a pearl at the front of the nose. Her resplendence matches that of millions of Sun and Moon put together. Wish victory to Mother Gaurī.[5]

She destroyed Śumbha and Niśumbha, and She hurted Mahiṣāsura. Her eyes are like smoke and She is always intoxicated with rage (Kālī). Wish victory to Mother Gaurī.[6]

She finished off Caṇḍa-Muṇḍa, and She absolved Raktabīja. She killed the pair of Madhu-Kaiṭabha, and She removed the fear of demi-gods. Wish victory to Mother Gaurī.[7]

You are Brahmāṇī, Rudrāṇī, and Kamalārānī. You are narrated by Āgama and Nigama treatises, and You are the Queen of Śiva. Wish victory to Mother Gaurī.[8]

Your sixty-four Yoginī are singing and (Lord) Bhairava is dancing. The Mṛdaṅga and Ḍamarū are beating as well (in Your Āratī). Wish victory to Mother Gaurī.[9]

You are the Mother of the world and You are the nourisher. You absolve the grief of devotees and You grant them happiness and riches. Wish victory to Mother Gaurī.[10]

You are adorned by four beautiful hands, and You bear the mudrā of giving boons. Men, women, and demi-gods get their hearty wishes from You. Wish victory to Mother Gaurī.[11]

Incense, camphor, and wick are present in a golden plates and the flame of Āratī, comparable to million shining jewels, is seated in Mālaketu. Wish victory to Mother Gaurī.[12]

Śivānandasvāmī says — Those men who sing the Āratī of Mother Ambā, get happiness and riches. Wish victory to Mother Gaurī.[13]


Poet: Śivānanadasvāmī

Book: Durgāsaptaśatī

Translator: Animesh Kumar

Submitter: Animesh Kumar


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