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Lakshmi stotram (Dev Krit Lakshmii Stotram) Laksmi Stotram (Laxmi Stotram)


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Forgive us, O Goddess! O Mother, Whose nature is to forgive, Who is beyond everything, Who is pure spiritual essence, and Who has been abandoned by anger and other vices! You are the simile for comparing any sanguine woman, and You are adored by the demi-gods and the Goddesses. Without You, the whole world is comparable to dead and useless.[1—2]

You are the identity of all the riches, and You have manifested in everyone as their forms. You are the Goddess of rāsa and other luxuries. All women are Your small parts. You are Pārvatī at Mount Kailāsa and You are the daughter of Sindhu (Lakṣmī) in Kṣīrasāgara. You are Svargalakṣmī in the Heaven and You are Martyalakṣmī on the Earth.[3—4]

You are Mahālakṣmī in Vaikuṇṭha and You are the Goddess of demi-gods as Sarasvatī. You are Gaṅgā, Tulasī, and Sāvitrī in Brahmaloka. You are the ruler of the life of Kṛṣṇa as Rādhikā in Goloka. You are Rāseśvarī during the sportive plays of Vṛndāvana forests.[5—6]

You are Kṛṣṇapriyā in the Govardhana trees, You are Candrā in the forest of Candra, You are Virajā in Campakavana (in Goloka as described in Gargasaṁhitā) and You are Sundarī in the hundred mountains. You are Padmāvatī in the lotus-forest, You are Mālatī in the Mālatī forest, You are Kundadanti (Who has jasmine-like teeth) in the jasmine-forest, and You are Suśīlā in the Ketakī forest.[7—8]

You are Kadambamālā Goddess in the Kadamba forest, You are Rājalakṣmī in the palaces, and You are Gṛhalakṣmī in the houses. Having said this, the demi-gods, the sages, the humans started crying with heavy voice and emoted throat, lips and palate.[9—10]


Poet: Devagaṇa

Translator: Animesh Kumar

Submitter: Animesh Kumar


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