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Anjaneyam by Muttuswami Diksitar ( Muttusvami Dikshitar)


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I always meditate upon Āñjaneyam Hanumān, Who is immeasurable. I think about the son of Añjanā, Who is the dear one of Añjanā, Who is the Monkey God, Who is the best, Who has five-faces (in one of His forms), Who is worthy of adoration by Indra and others, Who is for the benefit of Guruguha, Who is quiet, Who always served the lotus-feet of Rāma, Who holds the Mountain with Sañjīvanī in His hand, Who has a lotus-face, and Who is always a messenger for Śrīrāma.[1]


Poet: Muttusvāmī Dīkṣitar

Translator: Animesh Kumar

Submitter: Animesh Kumar


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