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Sukhadata Sankara | Sukhdata Shankar by Bhav Rang


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Sukhadātā Śaṁkara

Śaṅkara is the bliss-giver for everyone. O Śaṅkara, Who has direction as His clothes, Who is Brahmakeśa, Who absolved Tripurāsura, and Who is white like camphor! You are the absolver of the three-worlds.[1—2]

Be Victorious, O Śiva, Who is the lord of the world, Who is for world-benefit, Who holds poison in His throat, Who is Oṁkāra form for the poet Bhāvaraṅga, Who is served by demi-gods and demons, Who is Hara, and Who always absolves Dvaita-duality.[3]


1 This is a classical composition by Pt. Balwant Rai Bhatt. You can hear it at YouTube in the voice of Nachiketa. Check out the video link below.


Poet: Bhāvaraṅga

Translator: Animesh Kumar

Submitter: Animesh Kumar


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