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Shiv Stotram - Vedasarasivastavah - Adi Sankara


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I remember the only Mahādeva, Who is the enemy of Smara or Kāmadeva, Who is the Lord of living-beings,1 Who destroys the sins, Who is the Lord beyond everyone, Who has a cloth made from elephant-skin, Who is the best, and Who has a shaking stream of Gaṅgā in the midst of the matted-hair locks.[1]

I praise Lord Śiva, Who is Maheśa, Who is the Lord of demi-gods, Who destroys the grief of demi-gods, Who is resplendent, Who is the Lord of the world, Who has abundant ornaments, Who has variegated (colorful) eyes, Who has the Sun, the Moon and the Fire as three eyes, Who is always blissful, and Who has five-heads.[2]

I adore Lord Śiva, Who is the Lord of the Himālaya, Who is the Leader of Gaṇa, Who has a blue-colored throat, Who sits on the best among bulls, Whose true nature is beyond the qualities, Who is the universe, Who is resplendent, Who is adorned with ashes, Who is the consort of Bhavānī, and Who has five-heads.[3]

O Śambhu, Who is the resplendence of Śivā, Who has the half-moon on the forehead, Who is the great Īśāna, Who holds a trident, and Who has matted-hair tress-locks! You are the only One pervading in this universe, manifesting as the world. O Lord, Who is complete! Please be happy. Be happy.[4]

That Lord — Who is beyond the Ātman, Who is the only One, Who is the fundamental element of the world, Who is the beginning, Who is without passion, Who is without form, and Who is propounded by the Oṁkāra — Who gives birth, nourishes, and deludes this whole universe, I adore that One.[5]

That Lord, Who is not the ground, Who is not the water, Who is not the fire, Who is not the wind, Who is not the skies, Who is not the sleep or deep-sleep, Who is not the heat, Who is not the cold, Who is not a country, Who is not a physical form, and Who does not possess a form — I praise that Lord in the trinity-form.[6]

I take the refuge in Śiva, Who is without birth, Who is eternal, Who is the reason behind all the reasons, Who is the Only One, Who shines everything that shine others, Who is turīya (pure impersonal state of soul), Who is beyond darkness (tamas), Who is without a beginning and an end, Who is beyond everyone, Who is pure, and Who is without duality.[7]

I bow to You, I bow to You, O Śiva, Who is resplendent in all the wordly-manifestions! I bow to You, I bow to You, O Śiva, Who is the idol of complete bliss! I bow to You, I bow to You, O Śiva, Who is reachable by penance and Yoga! I bow to You, I bow to you, O Śiva, Who is reachable by Veda and knowledge.[8]

O Lord, Who holds a trident in hands, Who is the resplendent Lord of the world, Who is Mahādeva, Who is Śambhu, Who is the great Lord, Who has three eyes, Who is the resplendence of Śiva, Who is serene, Who slayed Smara (Kāma), and Who slayed Pura! There is nothing better or different from You which is countable or respectable.[9]

O Śambhu, Who is Maheśa, Who is full of compassion, Who holds a trident, Who is the Lord of Gaurī, Who is the Lord of sacrificed animals, Who destroys the shackles of animals, Who is the Lord of Kāśī! Only You are with compassion in this world. You are the great Lord, Who destroys, protects, and holds the world.[10]

O Deva, Who is the universe, Who slays Smara! This world emanates from You. O Mṛḍa, Who is the Lord of the world! The world sits inside You. O Īśa, O Hara, Who pervades the entire universe as moving and unmoving forms! This world finally contracts into Your egg-shaped form (liṅga) during deluge.[11]


1 On compounding paśūnāṁ patiṁ, the Paśupati name is obtained.


Poet: Ādi Śaṅkara

Book: Bṛhatstotraratnākaraḥ

Translator: Animesh Kumar

Submitter: Animesh Kumar

Thanks to: Ankur Koul for correcting a translation mistake


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