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Mharo Pranam by Mirabai (Meera Bai)


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Mhāro Praṇāma

My obeisance to Bā̃ke Bihārī, Who has a crown of peacock-feathers, Who has a tilaka (mark) rested on the forehead, and Who has ear-hoops with tress-locks hanging over.[1—2]

My obeisance to Mohana, Who puts flute at beautiful lips and plays it, and Who entices His dear Rādhā in a playful way. Having seen this this image of Mohana — Who lifted Mount Govardhana — Mīrā has been captivated.[3—4]


Poet: Mīrābā∙ī

Translator: Animesh Kumar

Submitter: Animesh Kumar

Thanks to: Sushil Sharma for the text


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