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Jagadamba Stuti, Jagadamba stotram, Vaman Purana


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Salutations to You, Who is the Goddess, Who destroys the sins, Who destroys the haughtiness of demons (enemy of demi-gods), Who gives territories to Hari and Hara, and Who finishes all the branches of a sacrifice![1]

Salutations to You, Who diminishes the enemies of demi-gods 1, Whose feet is worshipped by Indra, Who causes the destruction of Mahiṣāsura, and Who is eulogized by Hari, Hara and Bhāskara (sun)![2]

Salutations to You, Who possesses eighteen hands, Who hurts (kills) Śumbha and Niśumbha, Who absolves the pain of worlds, Who has a trident in hand, Who is Nārāyaṇī, and Who holds a discus![3]

Salutations to You, Who is Vārāhī, Who always holds the earth, and Who is Nārasiṁhī! I am prostrate before You. Salutations to You, Who holds lightening-bolt, Who has an elephant on Her flag, Who is Kaumārī, and Who has a peacock as a vehicle.[4]

Salutations to You, Who has the swan of Brahmā as a vehicle, Who has a terrific garland, Who has beautiful hairs, Who has a donkey as a vehicle, Who absolves the pain of everyone, and Who is all pervading![5]

Salutations to You, Who rules the world! Please protect the world. Slay the enemies of Brāhmaṇa and demi-gods. Continuous salutations to You, Who is all pervading, and Who has three eyes! O You, Who bestows boons! Please be happy on me.[6]

You are Brahmāṇī, You are the abode of mercy, You have the peacock as a vehicle, You have power in hands, You are Kumārī, You are Vārāhī, You have a beautiful face, You go on the king of birds (Garuḍa) as Vaiṣṇavī, You are hard to watch, You are Nārasiṁhī, You are accompanied by the sounds of howling monkeys, You are Aindrī, You have the thunderbolt, You destroy, You are adorned with skull and skin, You go on the corpses (as Cāmuṇḍā), You are Yoginī, and You are skilled in all the Yoga.[7]

O Goddess, Who has three eyes! Those who submit themselves to Your feet, and pray You with humility, and sacrifice flowers to You are always free of defeat, abuse, and bad happenings.[8]


1 Tridaśa means thirty and it is used for thirty-three demi-gods. The number is rounded off from thirty-three to thirty.


Poet: Devagaṇa

Book: Vāmanapurāṇa

Translator: Animesh Kumar

Submitter: Animesh Kumar


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