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Bhavani Bhujangam by Adi Sankara | Bhavani Bhujanga Stuti


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I extol Bhavānī, Who is reclining at the end of a lotus-seat with six support pillars, Who is shining forth excellently inside the arteries of the living beings (as the life spirit), Who is extracting and consuming the divine-nectar, Who is like an idol of the divine-nectar, and Whose true nature is eternal bliss.[1]

I adore Śrībhavānī, Whose red-body is burning with the shine equivalent to millions of early morning sun, Who is pleasant due to beauty, decoration and adornment, Who is resting in the middle of the pollen-grains of a huge lotus, and Who is brightening the [Tāntrika] triangle.[2]

O You, the great Goddess! I meditate Your feet — which are resplendent due to the light of resplendent jewels studded in anklets and sounding bells, which are serviced by the demi-gods and by the trinity of Aja, Śiva (Īśa) and Viṣṇu (Acyuta) — by my head.[3]

I adore Śrībhavānī, Who has a dark-red cloth fastened on as a waist-coat with a girdle seating melodious precious-gems, Who has an anti-clockwise spiralled belly-button, Whose three-folds please, and Who has the best hair-line above waist.[4]

O Ambā! I adore Your these two radiant-breasts, Which are full of milk and pleasing [for this child], Which are comparable to two shining round and upright pots made of jewels, Which are resplendent due to an exquisite necklace, and Which are always full of milk due to maternal love.[5]

I adore Śrībhavānī, Who is shining because of — the high straight arms high and radiating due to the Śirīṣa-flowers, the flaming arrow, bow, lasso and stick in the hands, the quivering bracelets abundant in the Keyūra-flowers, and the blazing fire.[6]

I adore Śrībhavānī, Whose face is full of light similar to a winter full-moon, Whose smiling-lips and face are delicate like a lotus, Whose necklace and ear-rings are adorned by beautiful group of gems, and Who is blissful.[7]

I adore Śrībhavānī, Who has a beautiful nose-hollow, Who has eyes which are like the lotus-petal, Whose sideway glance is deft in donating wealth to those who are honoring [Her], Whose forehead is up and shining, Who is adorned with the musk-fragrance, and Who is shining due to fires.[8]

I praise Your quivering ear-hoops, the bumble-bees hovering around [Your garland], Whose beautiful hair-locks are like cool clouds, Who is shining due to ornaments, Who has sparkling crescent-moon in the middle of jewels at the forehead, and Whose divine-head is shining due to immense-glory.[9]

O Ambā! Your face always shines in my lotus-like mind as Vāṇī (Sarasvatī) and is full of all the tejas-qualities. This is indeed the form of Śrībhavānī, Which is beyond the scope of mundane-issues, Which is very hard to understand, and Which is blissful.[10]

I meditate on You, Who is shining and resting in the sparkling Śrīmahācakra possessing all the strengths and siddhis, like aṇimā etc., of Gaṇeśa, Who is beyond everything (Parā), Who is Rājarājeśvarī, Who is Bhavānī, Who is situated in the lap of Śiva, and Who is completely blissful.[11]

You are the Sun, You are the Fire, You are the Moon, You are the Vasus, You are the Sky, the Earth and the Air, You are the mind and consciousness. Except You, there is nothing which is present, and You are present in everything as intellection and eternal-bliss.[12]

You are the preceptor, You are eternal-bliss, and You are the Śakti (strength). Indeed You are the Mother and the Father. You are also knowledge and You are wisdom. O Goddess! My evolution in this universe and my thinking — all are You as well.[13]

You are beyond the scope of the Srutis, and Your grandeur is not known by the beautiful Veda and other treatises. My desire is to create a eulogy for You, O Bhavānī! O Ambā! Forgive me, who is indeed an ignorant one.[14]

O Bhadrā, Who is always a refuge [to everyone], Who is beautiful, Who is full of compassionate-mercy, Who is beyond the scope of Brahma (Hiraṇyodara) and others, Who is very pure! I am fearful inside this forest-like mundane-universe. Protect me. O Bhavānī! Salutes to You, salutes to You, and salutes to You.[15]

Day by day, that who desires to read and hear this Śrībhavānībhujaṅgastuti — Bhavānī bestows an eternal position at Her own feet, the eight-siddhis, and the summary of all the wealths.[16]


Poet: Ādi Śaṅkara

Book: Bṛhatstotraratnākaraḥ

Translator: Animesh Kumar

Submitter: Animesh Kumar

Thanks to: Nityanand Misra for correcting a typo.


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