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Siva Manasa Puja ( Shiv Manas Puja ) By Adi Shankara


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O Paśupati, Lord, Who is the storehouse of mercy! Please accept the following, which are assumed in the mind — a seat made with precious-stones, a bath with ice-trickled water, a divine-apparel adorned with many kinds of jewels, a sandalwood-paste mixed with fragrant deer-musk, flowers fashioned with jātī, campaka and bilvapatra, incense, and an earthen-lamp.[1]

O Lord! Accept the following, which are arranged by my mind — clarified butter and porridge in a golden-vessel studded with nine-jewels, eatables of five-kinds associated, beverages associated with milk, curd and rambhaphala, pure water free from weeds, pleasing camphor-like resplendent sugar, and betelnut.[2]

O Lord! Please accept the following, which are submitted by mental-conception — an umbrella, a pair of leather hand-fans, fans, a clear mirror, songs and dances filled with sounds of lute, kettle-drums and drums, a salute with all the eight-organs, and many kinds of eulogies and praises.[3]

O Śambhu! You are my Ātman, Girijā is my mind, Your accompaniments are my life-forces, Your body is my residence. My various enjoyment and constructions be Your prayer. My sleep be the state of meditation. My walking be Your circumambulation and my spoken words be Your eulogies. And whatever I do, that all may be Your adoration.[4]

O Śambhu! Forgive all the listed and unlisted fruits born out of speaking, body, deeds, hearing, viewing, mind, offenses. Be victorious, O Śrīmahādeva, O Śambhu, Who is the ocean of compassion![5]


Poet: Ādi Śaṅkara

Book: Bṛhatstotraratnākaraḥ

Translator: Animesh Kumar

Submitter: Animesh Kumar


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