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Sarasvati Stuti by Yajnavalkya from Devi Purana (Saraswati Stuti by Yagyavalkya from Devi Purana)


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O Mother of the world! Cause mercy on me, who has indeed lost his radiance, who has lost his memory due to the trap of preceptor, who is without knowledge, and who is saddened. Please bestow conscience, memory, knowledge, power, power to awake pupils, power to write treatise, and well established good pupils.[1—2]

The natural talent (pratibhā), the meeting of intellectuals, the auspicious potential to think, which have disappeared due to destiny or fate — Sarasvatī, Who is Brāhman-svarūpā, Who is the supreme, Who is the [knowledge]-light and Who is eternal — please make them new just like the demi-god brings a burnt plant to life again.[3—4]

That Who is the Goddess of all the knowledge, salutations for that Goddess Vāṇī. That Who is the ruler of visarga, bindu, and mātrā, salutations for That Goddess, Who is Nīti (law). That Goddess is vyākhyā (explanation) and She is governing the explanations.[5—6]

That without whom the calculation-minded will not be able to calculate — salutations to that Goddess, Who is in the form of logical-reasoning and enumeration. That Who is in the form of misleading-principles, that Who is the memory-power, knowledge-power, and wisdom-power — salutations for that Goddess.[7—8]

That Who is natural talent (pratibhā) and imagination-power — salutations for that Goddess. Truly, when Sanatkumāra asked Brahmā of supreme-knowledge, He became quiet, and even He was unable to explain the principles. Then the supreme-existence Śrīkṛṣṇa arrived there.[9—10]

He (Kṛṣṇa) spoke, ‘‘O Prajāpati! Eulogize that Vāṇī.’’ Then Brahmā, the Paramatman, satisfied Her by the order. Due to the graciousness of that, He obtained the best principles. When Vasundharā asked about the supreme-knowledge to Ananta (Śeṣanāga), [11—12]

He [Ananta] became quiet and was not able to discern the principles. Then, by the order of Kaśyapa, He — who was troubled — meditated upon Her (Sarasvatī), and obtained the clear-principles which destroy confusion. Once Vyāsa asked Vālmīki about the Purāṇa-sūtras.[13—14]

Vālmīki remembered only that Jagadambikā, and due to that, the best-among sages obtained the principles as a boon. Having obtained the clear-knowledge which is like lamp for darkness-like doubts, and having heard the Purāṇa-sūtras, Vyāsa, Who is a partial incarnation of Kṛṣṇa,[15—16]

(Vyāsa) held that Śivā [in thoughts] in Puṣkara (region) and then indeed he obtained the boon of being the best poet. Then he divided the Veda into three-Veda and created the Purāṇa. When Mahendra (Indra) asked about tattvajñāna (supreme-reality) to Sadāśiva,[17—18]

(Sadāśiva) Vibhu in a moment, having meditated upon That Śivā, gave knowledge to him (Mahendra). Mahendra then asked the knowledge of syllables to Bṛhaspati. Bṛhaspati held that Śivā [in thoughts] for a thousand divine-years in the Puṣkara-region; then he obtained the boon after a thousand divine-years.[19—20]

Then he spoke the treatise of sounds and its meaning to the King of Sura (Deva). Those students who have been taught by Bṛhaspati, and all the learned sages who have studied under him, they became successful only after studying about the Goddess. She is eulogized and honored by the best-sages, by the men,[21—22]

(She is eulogized by) the king of demons, the demi-gods, the trinity of Brahmā, Viṣṇu and Śiva. The thousand-heads, the five-heads, and the four-heads associated with Śeṣa, Śiva, and Brahmā become dumb when it comes to eulogizing You. Then, how can a simple human with one head will eulogize You? Having uttered thus, Yājñavalkya whose shoulders were bent with devotion, saluted [Her] without food and cried often. Then, Mahāmāyā in Her resplendent was seen by him. She spoke to him, ‘‘May you become the best poet and then go to Vaikuṇṭha.’’[23—26]


Poet: Yājñavalkya

Book: Śrīmaddevībhāgavatam

Translator: Animesh Kumar

Submitter: Animesh Kumar


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