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O the One who killed Niśumbha and Śumbha! You are pleased by the sportive-joy, You are blazing in the heart as compassion, You have a brilliant-red complexion, You are adorned by undivided cheeks, a stick and a garland of skulls, You are embellished by blazing and violent multitude of radiance, and You are complete-bliss.[1]

You are dear to the active (bull) Nandin, You are the dear to the king of Dharādhara (mountains) or Himālaya, You absolve the injured put to the ocean of metempsychosis, You always do noble-deeds,1 You possess the slayer of Mura (Kṛṣṇa), Garuḍa, and the slayer of Kāma (Śiva), and You are complete-bliss.[2]

You are embellished by the matted-hair of Your husband (Śiva) Who has no apparel and resides in no boundaries, You are seen — without blinking of the eyes — by Gaṇeśa, the demi-gods, Śiva, Śeṣa, You win-over the melodious humming of the groups of the bumble-bees in the gardens by Your tinkling sounds [of ornaments], You are situated in the mind of everyone, and You are eulogised by those who have won over desires.[3]

Having left behind the nectar, stupid humans — who are stupid and have no purpose, who have an unsteady mind — wander amidst confusion. Please bestow incessant-auspicion, fully-controlled wealth, and blessings to those, who are living under control of others, who are poor, and who are destitute like a fish without water.[4]

May the One — Who has swelling-eyes with tears, Who is honored by the appropriate, Who causes happiness (smile), Who causes dances, Who is without support, Who is the support of everyone, Who is the Goddess of Śiva (Āśraya), and Who is embellishing the lap of Śaṅkara — causes incessant auspicion on this servant who has left away all the qualities of this world.[5]


1 The meaning of tadandhakantakakapriyesakantakantaka is unclear to the translator.


Book: Bṛhatstotraratnākaraḥ

Translator: Animesh Kumar

Submitter: Animesh Kumar


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