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Sutikshna Raam Stuti, Sutiksna Rama Stuti


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O Lord! Your body is like a blue-lotus garland, You are adorned with a crown of matted-hairlocks, Your attire is like saints (the poem appears when Rāma was in forests). You have bow, arrows, and quiver in Your hands. I incessantly bow to Raghuvīra.[1]

You are like fire for the forest of worldly attachments, You are the sun for the (growth of) lotus-like heart of saints. You are like a lion for demons resembling elephant-herd, and You are like a hawk for the bird like cycle of birth and rebirth.[2]

Your eyes are red (like lotus), and Your appearance is enticing. You are the moon for cakora like face of Sītā. You are like the swan (supreme spirit) roaming inside the the heart of Śiva (Hara). I bow to You, O Rāma! with long hands and a big heart.[3]

You are like Garuda for the snakes of suspicion within our lives; You eliminate the raucousness caused by (useless, worldly) arguments. You destroy metempsychosis and please the demi-gods; salvage us, O You, Who is the largest embodiment of mercy.[4]

Your formless manifestation is hard to understand, and your physical manifestation is balanced in beauty. You are beyond knowledge, speech, and sensory-perception. You are forever, everywhere, without flaws, and infinite. I bow to You (Rāma), who reduces the load of the earth.[5]

Your feet is like Kalpa for Your devotees and provides respite; it causes freedom from anger, greed, pride, and desires. You are the metempsychosis-ocean bridge for many of us; salvage us, O You, Who is the shining star of the lineage of Sun![6]

Your hands are abode of infinite power, Your name destroys the sin and dirt in the age of Kali; You are the shield of dharma (virtuosity), You make us happy, and You are the storehouse of all the qualities. May Rāma extend His blessings on me.[7]


Poet: Tulasīdāsa

Book: Rāmacaritamānasa

Translator: Animesh Kumar

Submitter: Animesh Kumar


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