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Now begins the thought of Nine forms of Durgā.

Now begins the thought of Śailaputrī.

For the achievement of desired, I adore Śailaputrī, Who made the crescent-moon as a head-crown, Who is seated on an ox, Who holds a trident, and Who is glorious.[1]

Now begins the thought of Brahmacāriṇī.

May Goddess Brahmacāriṇī — Who holds an akṣamālā (rosary garland) and kamaṇḍalu in Her lotus-hand, and Who is unsurpassed — be gracious on me.[2]

Now begins the thought of Caṇḍakhaṇḍā.

May Caṇḍakhaṇḍā — Who is seated on the best among birds [Garuḍa], Who is furious with anger and might, and Who is famous — extends immense grace [on me].[3]

Now begins the thought of Skandamātā.

May Goddess Skandamātā — Who is always seated on the throne (siṁhāsana), Whose two-hands are honored by lotuses, and Who is glorious — always bestows auspicion [on me].[4]

Now begins the thought of Kūṣmāṇḍā.

May Kūṣmāṇḍā — Whose hands are holding two pots filled with surā (elixir) and blood — bestows auspicion on me.[5]

Now begins the thought of Kātyāyanī.

Goddess Kātyāyanī — Whose hands are white like moon-dazzle, Who is seated on a mighty-tiger, Who kills the demons — should bestow auspicion [on me].[6]

Now begins the thought of Kālarātri.

Goddess Kālarātri — Who is fierce in appearance, Whose form and body resembles a black-lotus, and Whose laugh is terrific — should bestow auspicion [on me].[7]

Now begins the thought of Mahāgaurī.

Mahāgaurī — Who is seated on a white-elephant, Who is wearing white-apparel, Who is pure, and Who delights Lord Mahādeva — should bestow auspicion [on me].[8]

Now begins the thought of Siddhidātrī.

May Siddhidātrī — Who is served by the siddha, celestial-bards, apparitions, demons and demi-gods, and Who always gives siddhi (supreme felicity) always bestow siddhi.[9]


Book: Śaivāgama

Translator: Arjun Kanagal and Animesh Kumar

Submitter: Arjun Kanagal


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