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Kavitavali 74 Kripalu Ram (Krpalu Rama) - Ramnavmi 2007 Special


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Kavitāvalī u∙kā∙ 7-8

Even when an uncountable number of faults happen by people, Rāma does not bothers to bring them in His heart. [For example] Gaṇikā (prostitute), Gaja (Indradyumna, elephant king), Gīdha (Jaṭāyu), and Ajāmīla had sins which were uncountable [but Rāma forgave them].[1]

When they took the absolving-name of Rāma, He gave them His own abode, which is very hard to attain for great sages. O Tulasīdāsa! Adore Raghunātha (Lord of Raghu), Who is compassionate, and Who always takes the side of the destitute.[2]

Lord made the words of Prahlāda true by appearing in the form of Nṛhari (man-lion or Narasiṁha) in a pillar. Also, He benefitted the king of elephants (Indradyumna) trapped by the king of waters (crocodile); at that time He did not cause any delay.[3]

The demi-gods are witness that Draupadī was saved by Rāma (as Kṛṣṇa) when her clothes were being removed in front of millions of kings. O Tulasīdāsa! Adore Rāma, Who ends all worries (thoughts); where did not He help His devotees in fulfilling their pledge.[4]


1 This poem has been added as a special poem for Rāmanavamī 2007 by Animesh.


Poet: Tulasīdāsa

Book: Kavitāvalī

Translator: Animesh Kumar

Submitter: Animesh Kumar


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