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Vinay Patrika 25 for Hanuman Jayanti 2007 (Vinayapatrika, Hanumaan Jayanti)


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Vinayapatrikā 25

Hanumān, Who is born out of ocean-like womb of Añjanī, Who causes bliss to the enemy of destitute-demon lineage, Who gives bliss to the cakora-like beautiful eyes of Kesarī, and Who absolves the afflictions and sorrows of the group of worlds, wins.[1]

Hanumān, Who swallowed the Sun with potent celestial light-rays as a childhood monkey-sport, Who causes mutilation of the pride of Rāhu, Ravi (Sun), Śakra (Indra) and Pavi (lightening), Who absolves the fear of refugees, and Who bears the universe, wins.[2]

Hanumān, Who is patient in a war, Who benefits Raghuvīra, Who is a jewel amongs Gods, Who is an incarnation of Rudra, Who protects the world, Who is very-beautiful in form due to blessings from priests, demi-gods, perfected-beings and sages, Who has stainless qualities, Who is ocean of wisdom, and Who is disposer of men’s fate, wins.[3]

Hanumān, Who is deft in protection of Sugrīva and bears, Who is the main-reason of the slaying of Vālin, Who jumped across the ocean, Who crushes the pride of lions and Siṁhikā,2 and Who is the shining-star of trouble in the city of demons, wins.[4]

Hanumān, Who ended the worries of the daughter of the Earth (Sītā), Who mutilates forests and trees, Who ceased the doubts of those Who were under the control of Meghanāda (entire army of Rāma in Laṅkā), and Who bewildered the Laṅkā of Rāvaṇa --- clever as Holikā --- by the burning fireballs of sporting tail, wins.[5]

Hanumān, Who causes bliss to the son of Sumitrā and the dear one of Raghu (Lakṣamaṇa and Rāma, respectively), Who is the commander of piled up army of bears and monkeys, Who is the bridge for those tied in ocean of metempsychosis, Who is for eternal auspicion, and Who gave victory to the shining-star of lineage of Sun (Rāma), wins.[6]

Hanumān, Who has a Vajra-like body, Whose teeth, nails and face are fearsome, Whose hands are mighty, Who has a tree and a mountain in His hands, Who is like an oil-machine in a battle for sesame-like army of demons, and Who crushed all the mighty fighters, wins.[7]

Hanumān, Who is the cause behind the destruction of the ten-headed Rāvaṇa, Kumbhakarṇa and Meghanāda, Who is the slayer of Kālanemi, Who causes improbable event to happen, Who causes most probable event to not happen, Who is huge, and Who goes in land, underground-territories, water-bodies and skies, wins.[8]

Hanumān, Who is popular in the world, Whose panegyrics are narrated by the wise and the stainless sayings of Veda, Who ends the troubles of Tulasīdāsa, and Who is adorned in the capital of Rāma with the consort of Sītā.[9]


1 This poem has been added as a special poem for Hanumān Jayantī 2007 by Animesh.

2 Siṁhikā, a demoness, used to live in the waters of ocean between Laṅkā and Indian mainland. She caught creatures by trapping their shadows, but our great Hanumān killed Her during a similar attempt.


Poet: Tulasīdāsa

Book: Vinayapatrikā

Translator: Animesh Kumar

Submitter: Animesh Kumar


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