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I adore Śrīhari, Who is the world-net protector, Who has a moving garland at throat, Who has a forehead radiant-like the autumn-moon, Who is the end for dreadful demons, Who has a blue-sky like body, Whose Māyā (illusions) are invincible, and Who is with the consort Padmā. I adore Him.[1]

I adore Śrīhari, Who is always living in the ocean (Kṣīrasāgara), Who has white teeth like trickling [white] flowers, Who stays with the good in the world, Who is radiant like hundred suns, Who has a mace and a cakra as weapons, Who has shining yellow clothes, and Whose beautiful face is smiling. I adore Him.[2]

I adore Śrīhari, Who is delightful for the throat of Ramā, Who is the essence of śruti-flock (treatises), Who has the ether (universe) as a playground, Who absolves weight of the earth, Who is thought and joy, Whose form is mind-pleasing, and Who has taken many forms. I adore Him.[3]

I adore Śrīhari, Who is free of old-age and birth, Who is swollen with supreme-bliss (eternal bliss), Who has His mind fixed in the true nature of the spirit (Self), Who is always new, Who is for the birth of the world, Who is the shining-star of demi-god’s army, and Who is the bridge (support) for the three-worlds. I adore Him.[4]

I adore Śrīhari, Who is sung by the Āmnāya (Veda), Who has king of birds as a vehicle, Who is the primary cause of liberation, Who removes the pride of enemies, Who is favorable to His devotee, Who is the root of the tree-like world, and Who expels the thorn-like pain of life. I adore Him.[5]

I adore Śrīhari, Who is the Lord of all immortals, Whose hairs have bumble-bee color, Who is the smallest (atomic) part of spherical-world, Whose soul is like the sky (all-pervading), Whose body is always divine, Who is free of everything in this world, and Who resides in Vaikuṇṭha. I adore Him.[6]

I adore Śrīhari, Who is more powerful than the enemies of Sura (Demi-gods), Who is superior to the superiors, Who is situated in only one form (of Paramātman or Brahman), Who is always steady in a battle, Who is more brave than the immense brave, and Who is situated at the bank of the great ocean. I adore Him.[7]

I adore Śrīhari, Who has Rama at the left side, Who has the head of a snake in front, Who can be approached by Yāga (doing Yajña), Who is beyond colors and passion, Who is sung by the sages, Who is surrounded by the demi-gods, and Who is beyond the group of qualities. I adore Him.[8]

Having collected mind, that who regularly studies these eight-verses — which are like the garland of Murāri — he goes to the world of Viṣṇu, without doubt and sorrows, and He never again partakes the pain of old-age or birth.[9]


Poet: Brahmānanda

Book: Bṛhatstotraratnākaraḥ

Translator: Animesh Kumar

Submitter: Animesh Kumar


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