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Sankasht Nashan Ganesh Stotram | Sankastanasanaganesastotram | Sankasta Nasana Ganesa Stotram


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Saṅkaṣṭanāśana- gaṇeśastotram

Having saluted Deva-Vināyaka — Who is the son of Gaurī, and Who is the abode of devotees — by head, one should continuously remember His [following] names for the fulfillment of all the desires. The first is Vakratuṇḍa, the second is Ekadanta, the third is Kṛṣṇapiṅgākṣa (Who has dark yellow eyes), and the fourth is Gajavaktra (Who has an elephant-face).[1—2]

The fifth is Lambodara (Who has an extended belly), the sixth is Vikaṭa (Who is difficult to defeat), and the eighth name is Dhūmravarṇa (Who has a smoke-color complexion). The ninth is Bālacandra, the tenth is Vināyaka, the eleventh is Gaṇapati, and the twelfth is Gajānana (Who has an elephant-head).[3—4]

O Lord! That man who studies these twelve names three-times (during the three sandhyā), to him there is no fear of obstacles and he achieves all the siddhi.[5]


Poet: Nārada

Book: Nāradapurāṇa

Translator: Animesh Kumar and Arjun Kanagal

Submitter: Arjun Kanagal


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