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I adore Gaṇapati, Who is a dependent of Śiva, Who has a beautiful garland of Keyūra flower, Who is the epitome of Giridhara (Kṛṣṇa), Who is practising the Yoginī Cakra (Tāntrika knowledge), Who absolves the fear of metempsychosis, Who is far from grief and poverty, and Who incarnates as Vakratuṇḍa.[1]

Adore Gaṇapati, Who is everything, Who is indestructible, Who holds a hand-noose by hands, Who resembles the golden mountain Meru, Who is blazing like millions of Sun, Who destroys the mountain-like metempsychosis, and Who lives of the banks of River Mālatī. I adore Gaṇapati, Who is the king of swans in my mind-lake.[2]

I adore Gaṇapati, Who is being resplendent by the fire of various gem stones which are from distant places, Whose appearance is made golden, Who holds a spotless variegated garland at the neck, Who is always the cause behind performance, and Who incarnates as Vakratuṇḍa.[3]

I adore Gaṇapati, Who is a difficult elephant, Who is unsteady,1 Who is the truth (Veda), Who is well-known, Who is the Nādabrahman, Whose dance is like a cloud of happiness, Who holds a crescent-moon on forehead and a special whip, and Who is always a cloud of eternal bliss.[4]

Of Whose head is in the middle of the following: (i) a large resplendent forehead with three eyes, (ii) a crown shielded by jewels, (iii) a net made of pearls, (iv) a garland of white flowers, and (v) a hand fan — I adore that Gaṇapati, Who holds a cakra in His hands.[5]

I adore Gaṇapati, Whose form is the best among handsome, Whose seat is the first and lighted, above Whom the (tāntrika) triangle is present, and Who is situated with beautiful appearance on an eight-petalled lotus in the group of Kalpavṛkṣa trees.[6]

Of Whose right hand is fortunate and splendid in giving boons, of Whose right hand is full or mercy and bestows fearlessness — I meditate upon that Gaṇeśa, Who is situated in intelligence. I adore Gaṇapati, Who has a variegated and curved trunk, Who has one trunk, Who has two mouth, and Whose trunk is always curved.[7]

He who prays to this splendid mental picture of Gaṇeśa, Which is the wish giving Kāmadhenu situated below a wish-giving Kalpavṛkṣa, Which is the wish-giving jewel, Which has trunk carried in right hand — of him are all the siddhi.[8]

Those men who study this pure eight-canto eulogy on Gaṇeśa written by Vyāsa, reach knowledge and every wealth for the destruction of grief.[9]


1 The meaning of vāraṇīṁ is unclear to the translator.


Poet: Vyāsa

Book: Padmapurāṇa

Translator: Animesh Kumar

Submitter: Animesh Kumar


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