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Shiv Mahima from Vinay Patrika #03 by Tulsidas


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Vinayāvalī 003

Apart from Śiva, whom should one ask (for anything)? He takes pity on the miserable, He takes away the suffering of the devotees, He is capable in every way, and He is the glorious lord.[1]

When the gods and demons were burning with the (unbearable) blaze of the Kālakūṭa poison, He drank the poison to redeem his promise (of taking away the suffering of his devotees).1 He killed the dreadful demon Tripura, who was tormenting the world, with just one arrow.[2]

The state (of Mukti) which all saints, Vedas, and Purāṇas say is unattainable (supreme) and difficult to achieve for (even) great sages, the ever auspicious Sadāśiva grants that state equally to everyone in his city (Kāśī) at the time of (their) death.[3]

He is easily served, He is the generous Kalpataru (fulfiller of all wishes), He is the husband of Pārvatī, and He is best among those possessing good knowledge. O the enemy of Kāmadeva! O the treasure of compassion! Grant Tulasīdāsa love in the lotus-feet of Rāma.[4]


1 The Kālakūṭa poison was the first thing to come out during the churning of the ocean, and only Śiva could accept it. On drinking the poison, his neck became blue in colour, and He came to be known as Nīlakaṇṭha.


Poet: Tulasīdāsa

Book: Vinayapatrikā

Translator: Akhandanandaprasada

Submitter: Akhandanandaprasada


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