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Devi Stuti (Vinay Patrika 16) by Tulsidas


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Vinayāvalī 016

O the mother of the world! O goddess! Victory to you! Glory to you! Sura (deities), humans, Muni (sages) and demons serve you. You are the bestower of Mukti and worldly enjoyjment. You are the remover of all fears, O Kālikā.1 You are the abode of auspiciousness, pleasure and Siddhi. Your face is (like) the full moon, and you are the garland of rays of the just-arisen sun for the darkness of [the Ādhibhautika, Ādhidaivika and Ādhyātmika] afflictions.[1]

(You wear) an armour, [and you hold] in your hands a shield, a sword, a trident, a javelin, a bow and arrows. You are the destructor of hordes of demons, and you assume a dreadful form in battle. You are the net for [entrapping] the multitudes of birds and animals — Bhūta (the ghosts of the deceased), Graha (posessing spirits) and Vetāla (a kind of Bhuta in the service of and having favour of Śiva) along with Pūtanā (demoness),2 Piśāca (flesh eating demon), Preta (the state of Jīva before obsequial rites are performed), Ḍākinī and Śākinī.[2]

O the beautiful wife of the great lord Śiva! Glory to you! You have many forms and names, you are the mistress of the entire world and you are the daughter of Himālaya mountain. O the protector of the suppliant! Protect me! Be propitious and grant this Tulasīdāsa the highest affection and unshakeable discipline in the lotus-feet of Rāma, the master of the Raghu-lineage.[3]


1 A form of Durgā associated with death and destruction.

2 This could also refer to the demoness of the same name, signifying Avidyā (ignorance), who was sent by Kaṁsa to kill the infant Kṛṣna with poison in her breast-milk. Infant Kṛṣna took her life by suckling her prāṇa through Her breasts.


Poet: Tulasīdāsa

Book: Vinayapatrikā

Translator: Akhandanandaprasada

Submitter: Akhandanandaprasada


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